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Rick Bowman, CEO, ShiftgigRick Bowman, CEO
‘Companies that recruit and retain the best talent win.’ The inevitable truth that this adage never goes out of fashion was crystal clear for Shiftgig from the very beginning when they set out to be an efficient job board platform in 2011. The job board designed by the company for local businesses to post open positions for workers gained quick popularity. However, with time, the customers’ needs grew. They wanted Shiftgig to build a scalable and technology-driven solution for workers that streamlined, both, the hiring and the onboarding process. To connect both workers and clients through their most preferred device— smartphones—Shiftgig set forth to create its on-demand marketplace. In 2014, the company launched Shiftgig Marketplace—centered on worker and business mobile apps.

As the next chapter in its technology story, in 2019, Shiftgig launched Deploy—a SaaS platform. Deploy encompasses easy-to-use mobile apps for workers and businesses, as well as web-based dashboards for administrators of private marketplaces. These pre-built dashboards allow clients to view their performance in real-time and make smarter data-driven decisions. “Our technology has evolved, but our mission continues to be focused on transforming the way people work,” states Rick Bowman, CEO, Shiftgig.

With the earnest intention to deliver high quality, worker-centric experiences, Deploy enables employees to self-select work and effortlessly inform employers about their experience; empowering them to be in constant control of their careers.
The platform addresses two crucial issues—low worker engagement and retention—as well as manual processes that do not scale with the business. Deploy removes barriers of entry for new workers, helping companies expand their pool of talent and aid employees to find and claim shifts through a mobile application. Alongside, Deploy automates manual matching and communication with workers, freeing up organizations to focus on more strategic projects to grow their businesses.

Shiftgig is in sync with today’s gig economy that demands increased flexibility and choice. “Deploy embraces this trend at the core, creating a mobile engagement platform powered by our smart match algorithm and analytics,” says Bowman. Both staffing agencies and enterprises with internal flexible talent pools can achieve enhanced business agility. Deploy also leverages AI to optimize talent deployment by using real-world data of each gig to inform the next match, taking in preferences, and past results. Using review data from each shift, the company helps prioritize workers’ access to work where they excelled before. Algorithm-based matching helps organizations’ grow their business from tens to thousands of shifts without replacing human curation and interaction. This raises the level of recruiter and manager empowerment as they can focus on gathering a talent pool while training automated deployment platforms like Shiftgig to make good decisions and reach more workers quickly.

Deploy is not an end-to-end solution for staffing agencies and enterprises; instead, it is designed to connect seamlessly with other systems like ATS and payroll systems. This integration facilitates Shiftgig to specialize in providing the best engagement and deployment technology platform. A retail client that orders work several times a year to perform store inventory presents an ideal case for the power of Deploy. The client faced a large influx of labor staffing needed with a commitment of a day or two to scan, move, and organize inventory. With Deploy, the client filled nearly 700 shifts in 34 cities in Q4 of 2018, and in a recent order for 70 workers; they not only filled posts buts had backups for last-minute shift drops.

Shiftgig aims to create an environment for both workers and employers to be successful while embracing the gig economy. With Deploy, Shiftgig is expecting to achieve its mission at scale. Keeping a keen eye on the future, Shiftgig is planning to extend Deploy across industries like healthcare and education, while adding new capabilities that will help workers maximize access to the right opportunities.

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Shiftgig Reorients Business Model, Focuses on Software Offering

‘Companies that recruit and retain the best talent win’. The inevitable truth that this adage never goes out of fashion is crystal clear for Shiftgig, which empowers people to find local employment opportunities that fit their lifestyles, schedules, and career objectives. In the recent development, Shiftgig has oriented its business model and the firm will focus on developing and selling software. Deploy, software-as-a-service serves as a high-tech platform for end-to-end staffing and onboarding workers. Staffing sector is the beneficiary of this solution; the platform plays a significant role in employing and redeploying employees as per the task. Read More