ServicePower: Optimizing WFM through Intelligent Scheduling

Marne Martin, CEO, servicepowerMarne Martin, CEO
All corporations, big or small, need an efficient Workforce Management (WFM) system in place to ensure a smooth running operation. WFM integrates the various business processes, which the organization can then use to optimize the productivity of its people resources, on the individual, departmental, and entity-wide level. With the influx of new technologies around data management and analytics, along with ongoing legislative changes, it is important for an organization to be able to manage and optimize its field based resources to address the changing customer expectations and meet its corporate objectives. Rising to the challenge, ServicePower provides field service organizations with innovative and effective mobile WFM software solutions to help lower costs, while providing quality customer services.

ServicePower’s intelligent WFM software allows companies to improve their customer experience by increasing first-time fix rates, and reducing inventory inaccuracies and mean time on job. “Through continual optimization and automated scheduling, companies are able to improve their cost per output ratio,” says Marne Martin, CEO, ServicePower. Leveraging the latest digital technologies, like real time optimization, operational and business analytics, the Internet-of-Things, and remote augmented reality, ServicePower’s mobile WFM software gives them the competitive edge which companies vie for. Speaking about the company, Marne adds, “ServicePower offers integrated schedule optimization, enterprise mobility, third party contractor dispatch, and warranty claims management, while performing full circle operational analytics.”

Boasting a large inventory of WFM functionality, ServicePower’s solutions allow companies, as well as their third party contractors, to run productive operations, which improve the customer experience.
“ServiceMobility, which is our hybrid cross-platform mobile application, is designed to support end-to-end field mobilization, and includes features like time cards, work order management, tasks, asset diagrams, inventory, signature capture, customer surveys, GPS, and navigation,” remarks Marne. Also offering third party WFM software, ServiceOperations is a cloud-enabled solution that provides manufacturers and third party administrators the ability to intelligently manage, and dynamically dispatch and process claim payments for third party contractors.

A company’s client success stories are perhaps the best selling points for their solutions, and observing ServicePower’s work with BrandsMart USA further exemplifies this. BrandsMart USA, one of the largest volume-per-store appliance retailers in the U.S., implemented their automated scheduling and routing optimization tool, ServiceScheduling. The solution enabled BrandsMart to streamline service and installation, placing field technicians right where the consumers needed them most, while increasing the number of jobs executed per day, and decreasing the miles driven per day. “We’ve been able to schedule and close more jobs per day, save on fuel costs, and track where company vehicles and inventory are at any given time. ServicePower enabled BrandsMart to truly transform our field service operations,” says Cosmo Adamo, VP, Service, BrandsMart USA.

Improving on their product functionality with the latest innovations in WFM technology, ServicePower developed NEXUS FSTM and Optimization on Demandtm. “While NEXUS FSTM, our cloud hosted field service management software, integrated with ServiceMobility and ServiceOperations, offers a seamless customer experience through a single-vendor solution,” Marne says, “Optimization on DemandTM allows smaller enterprises which do not require a full, end-to-end WFM software deployment, the ability to benefit from true route optimization, offered as a service.” Working in a charged atmosphere and continually striving to improve upon their solutions, adding Quantum Annealing, the newest route optimization algorithm in decades, to Service Scheduling for instance, ServicePower has well and truly established itself as a key player in the WFM arena.