Sentric: Simplified Workforce Management via Cloudbased Application

Building a tailored Human Resource (HR) environment to recruit the most suited employee is an arduous task. Developing a good workforce management (WFM) is essential for an organization to optimize their potential performers, customize several lengthy and labor-intensive processes, and gain operational visibility to bring out meaningful results. Failing to achieve the same, can result in companies facing difficulty in managing their employee’s attendance, unscheduled leaves, and cutting their turnover rates. “Serving the HR domain for over two decades now, we connect our clients with their workforce through our cloud-based HR application—SentricWorkforce, to simplify their WFM,” begins Mike Maggs, Co-founder and President, Sentric. Based in Canonsburg, PA, Sentric connects companies with their workforces through cloud-based human resources application, SentricWorkforce. The firm also simplifies workforce management by providing customers the right set of tools for businesses without taxing the IT infrastructure.

Sentric earns over 80 percent of its revenue from its all-in-one HR software. “Our solution offers an in-depth functionality for effectively managing all aspects of HR functions within a single system,” extols Maggs. The ‘single platform solution’ provides a firm with several HR benefits—recruiting, on boarding, benefits administration, open enrollment, performance management, time and labor management, training and development, absence and leave management, salary planning, and compensation management amongst others.

“SentricWorkforce helps customers to collect and gather their HR activities, important documents, processes and employee information on one platform, to save time, printing costs, storage space, resulting in generating accurate and on-time salary,” explains Maggs. The solution tracks its user’s workforce and controls costs, ensures compliance, and transforms the burden of manually monitoring, managing, and reporting labor hours into a secure, streamlined process.

Our solution offers an in-depth functionality for effectively managing all aspects of HR functions within a single system

Mike Maggs, Co-founder & President, sentricMike Maggs, Co-founder & President
Being completely integrated with payroll and HR, SentricWorkforce also handles the most complicated payroll and tax calculations, regardless of the departments, allocations, rates, earning or deduction codes.“Ranging from personal employee information, to job and location information, to absence and benefits administration, our workforce solution handles every piece of HR information that a client requires,” articulates Maggs.

The company works with over 2,500 clients nationwide to accurately and safely process over two million paychecks every year. In one such instance, Ziegenfelder, a manufacturing company with almost 175 employees, struggled due to retention and attendance difficulties. In addition the client also faced problems in his turnover rates, caused due to lack of employee-manager interaction. Ziegenfelder implemented SentricWorkforce solution to reduce their unscheduled absence and turnover rates, and increase cooperation and collaboration within the firm. “We helped our customer’s HR department to reduce unscheduled absences to an average of less than 12 per week, and also improve their training, recruitment, and employee retention process, allowing them to cut down employee turnover rates and costs,” delineates Maggs.

Under Maggs’s leadership, Sentric has spent more than three years, invested millions in rethinking, redesigning, and reinventing the latest version of its core product– SentricWorkforce. “Our newest version of SentricWorkforce is a complete overhaul of the entire product, and includes new user interface, navigation, and functionality upgrades,” says Maggs. In the years to come, Sentric will work towards expanding their business from a regional payroll service bureau to a national HR software provider. “We also aim at securing our clients by enabling their software and service to work together, in order to solve real business problems,” concludes Maggs.