REPL: Implementing World-Class WFM Solutions

Mike Callender, CEO, REPLMike Callender, CEO
Opening their doors in 2007 as a consultancy and implementation services company, REPL has evolved over the years to expand their capabilities to the development and integration of Workforce Management (WFM) solutions. As consumer demands are changing dynamically, a qualified productive workforce has become an absolute necessity. In order to support their robust and proactive workforce and those changing demands, enterprises are now on the lookout for highly efficient and productive WFM solutions. Based on this understanding, Mike Callender and Chris Love founded REPL and later became committed to delivering a progressive approach to workforce process change and software implementation. The global company with U.K. and U.S. businesses has grown to specialize in offering consultancy, implementation, end-to-end support along with world-class agile solutions for workforce management; all with the goal of helping to “get the right empowered people in the right place at the right time.”

REPL has developed a cross-functional software platform, WFM Connect, that provides performance monitoring, enabling managers with the capability to review and approve an employees’ time off request, and the assignment of team responsibilities which will allow the client to make decisions in a more efficient and productive manner. Furthermore, the Employee Self Service app provides the end user with the ease and flexibility to view their work schedules, book holidays, request time-off, or even swap shifts with fellow colleagues all from their personal mobile devices. These solutions are not only stand alone, they “can also be integrated into the HR and payroll systems that enterprises already have-solution agnostic,” states Callender, CEO, REPL. In addition, the firm also promotes workforce and workplace monitoring by enabling managers to control the overall functioning of their workplace and workforce even when they are offsite.

gloodooTM is transforming the ways organizations, especially retailers, are engaging with their employees

All this can be done using the effective Workforce Mobility app.

Another exciting tool REPL has created is “gloodooTM”, a powerful mobile enterprise collaboration platform. It is transforming the ways organizations, especially retailers, are engaging their employees. The Android and iOS compatible tool integrates social networking, messaging, personalized interfaces and task management into one single monitored platform; making it easy to send out company updates, distribute action plans, communicate with teams and individuals and reward people, and just by the tap of a finger. gloodooTM, continues to drive employee engagement by providing innovative gamification and social features which has created an exciting and friendly interface. “It is also an ideal engagement platform for a new generation of BYOD strategies— connecting those employees that don’t typically have enterprise login’s and access to corporate communications,” remarks Callender.

REPL also boasts an experienced customer service and support team, committed to deploying skilled specialists who have assisted enterprises in WFM projects end-to-end globally, a unique quality that has bestowed the firm with a global reputation for excellence. The firm’s reputation has also provided them the opportunity to work on numerous endeavors with other WFM vendors. This has allowed REPL to work with more clients and explore multiple areas within WFM. These partnerships have driven the firm to think outside the box and create new tools that have further benefitted existing and future clients.

Besides serving the workforce management landscape successfully, the firm is planning to further expand the range of its offerings to more customers and geographies in the days and years to come. REPL will continue to look ahead and invest towards the creation of new products that will support enterprise function by drastically improving project and process time.