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Karen Pelot, Founder and CEO , Perspectives, LLCKaren Pelot, Founder and CEO
Successful individuals are the pillars of great organizations. However, the road to greatness is often blocked by the inherent obstacles and challenges faced by leaders. Conflict is one of the most common, and it is the biggest resource and productivity-draining issue leaders must deal with. In fact, as per CPP Global Human Capital Report, leaders spend more than two and a half hours per week dealing with conflict, and costs US companies more than $359B annually.

Workplace conflict is inevitable. However, many don’t realize it is normal and hidden within it lies all kinds of opportunity. Karen Pelot knows this first-hand. Her unique perspective on conflict resolution, and its link to leadership development, has been shaped by her experience, education, and proven applied strategies.

Karen’s deep understanding of what it takes to be a truly successful leader began more than two decades ago as a corporate leader within three Fortune 100 companies. She credits each with providing invaluable insight and knowledge about the intricacies of workplace interactions, conflict, and what it takes to sustain success. Karen climbed into the senior leadership ranks, studying people, and practicing theories all along the way.

Having experienced the frustrations of workplace conflict, ineffective communication, and lack of trust, Karen resolved to find solutions and remedy the resulting casualties (turnover, re-work, reduced productivity, silos, poor results, and more). Her rich corporate leadership experience was the catalyst to develop strategies and processes for bringing about “a change in perspectives” for leaders.

Karen launched PERSPECTIVES US, LLC in 2007, after becoming a FL Supreme Court certified mediator, and she hasn’t looked back since. Her mission is to resolve damaging workplace conflict, create world-class communication, and develop highly effective leaders. As the owner and lead practitioner, Karen, with her dynamic team, helps executives in corporations, non-profits, and government agencies to “communicate, collaborate, commit, and succeed!”

Turning Conflict into Opportunity

As a management consulting firm, PERSPECTIVES, LLC partners with clients through comprehensive services including 360 leadership and culture assessments, executive and key leadership coaching, mediation, group training, strategic meeting facilitation, and motivational speaking. PERSPECTIVES, LLC utilizes unparalleled experience, education, and expertise to help clients achieve individual and organizational goals.

PERSPECTIVES, LLC teaches clients to turn conflicts into opportunities, focus on priorities, communicate with clarity, capitalize on differences, and optimize their results. Karen states, “We are often approached by clients to address a specific problem—for example, ongoing conflict or low morale—with a particular leader. However, the issue the client seeks help with is commonly a symptom, rather than the crux of the problem. The good news is, the client reached out because they are ready for objective eyes and expertise. They are ready for – they need – change. We partner with them, in confidence, to identify their most significant actual areas of opportunity and guide them through the journey of positive change towards sustainably achieving their goals. In a nutshell, we help clients to get more done, with less stress and better results!”

A typical client engagement begins with assessment as the first step towards identifying the real issues and the right methods to employ. PERSPECTIVES, LLC’s proprietary assessments accurately diagnose core issues: 360-degree leadership assessments provide a well-rounded view of a leader’s strengths and challenges, while culture assessments drill down into team/leadership dynamics.

“We start here because of the accurate perspective obtained of the leader and/or team. We pinpoint blind spots and gaps, then formulate plans to eliminate them. The assessment process provides anonymity, which is critical to giving leaders and staff safety to provide honest feedback without fear,” says Karen.

The experts at PERSPECTIVES, LLC analyze results and develop recommendations, and provide a written report and presentation. Collaborating with the client comes next, to select priorities and overarching goals, and agree upon the next steps. Mutually agreed-upon coaching plans, group training events, strategic meeting facilitation, and follow-up assessment to qualify improvement, constitute common engagements.

Organizations don’t change; people within them change. As a result, everything we do is strongly rooted in emotional intelligence

PERSPECTIVES, LLC’s coaches help leaders expand their capacity and influence by developing keen self and other awareness. They replace reactive habits with thoughts, words, and actions that align with their goals. They assist with developing strategy and implementing practical, time-bound, measurable, action with accountability.

Karen and her team are “people and results experts”. They know, to break the barriers to success, their clients must influence and lead individuals. This means understanding how to best communicate with each, knowing their strengths, and keeping them engaged.

Emotional Intelligence for Improved Results

It has been widely researched and proven, as much as 90 percent of our ultimate success is directly tied to demonstrated emotional intelligence. PERSPECTIVES, LLC’s proficiency in increasing individual and organizational success is grounded in self-awareness and management, other-awareness and relational management– the tenets of Emotional Intelligence. “Organizations don’t change; people within them change. As a result, everything we do is strongly rooted in emotional intelligence,” says Karen.

PERSPECTIVES, LLC teaches individuals to self-evaluate, choose actions or inactions in a more objective manner, and understand their impact on others. This empowers clients to adjust their communication in real-time while motivating and developing mutual understanding around roles, expectations, and accountabilities. When teams are motivated and have mutual understanding, the path opens for all to develop more broadly and enjoy greater success.

“Understanding one’s self and others is a key element in increasing emotional intelligence. We use the trademarked evaluation and training tool True Colors, to identify the different personality, communication, and work styles of leaders and their teams. The training piece facilitates an immediate understanding of why communication clashes and frustrations occur, and teaches clients alternative, more productive ways to work together,” Karen explains.

PERSPECTIVES, LLC’s group training programs are interactive, thought-provoking, and motivating. Each increases participants’ individual capacity for success, as they connect their personal experiences to the teachings, and develop intrinsic motivation and plans for change.

Their approach is to turn knowledge and theory into action: They are currently working with a manufacturing company, in business 75 years, which has experienced explosive growth over the last five years. The president of the company approached PERSPECTIVES, LLC, with the challenge of turning a chaotic, conflict-ridden, non-communicative senior leadership team into a cohesive, collaborative, strategic team. It had been many months (some claim years) since the senior leaders held a meaningful meeting, as they quickly turned hostile and unproductive. Even while enjoying massive profits, their attempts to resolve their issues were futile.

PERSPECTIVES, LLC jumped in, ready for the challenge! A culture assessment was completed, and the root issues were identified: Two very loyal, opposing camps; unclear roles and responsibilities; no accountability; and open hostility between “camp” leaders.

“We started with mediation between specific leaders, then facilitated a series of strategic meetings to establish over-arching goals, cascading clarity of roles, responsibilities, authority, and accountability, and team-driven action plans for positive change. In parallel, 1-1 leadership coaching has taken place with the four senior leaders,” Karen illustrates.

“In four months, tremendous progress has been made! The senior leadership team is holding regular, EFFECTIVE, collaborative meetings, and they have completed critical restructuring and role clarity. They have also agreed upon accountability measures for themselves and their teams. They are just a terrific group of humans and continue to become more effective and efficient every day,” she adds.

In testament to their many success stories, PERSPECTIVES, LLC stands on a belief that sustained success requires a healthy culture, and a healthy culture requires leaders who “walk the talk” up, down, and sideways. In the near future, the company is excited about launching a virtual hybrid executive coaching platform –1/3 training, 1/3 coaching, and 1/3 mastermind. Diverse executives will share their experiences, seek input from other participants, and enjoy group-style executive coaching. The platform will offer participants a deeper dive on selected subjects—with emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, and a growth mindset as foundations. “We’ll run the program in cohorts. Each will be about a four-month program,” concludes Karen.
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Perspectives, LLC

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Karen Pelot, Founder and CEO

Perspectives' mission is to resolve workplace conflict, create world-class communication, and develop highly effective leaders worldwide. The firm takes the 'sleepy' out of keynotes and presentations! Its motivating speakers bring the energy and the “Aha!” to clients' conferences, seminars, and significant company gatherings. It delivers content that is eye-opening and inspiring, as the company positively impacts clients' leadership teams, staff, and other organizational gatherings