PeopleStrategy: Cloud-based HCM Solutions for the Modern Enterprise

Randy Cooper, CEO, peoplestrategyRandy Cooper, CEO
“Today, Human capital management (HCM) extends the formerly siloed, sacrosanct enclave of human resources into the entire fabric of an organization. The principles of HCM are just old and its re-emergence in the field of business management has spurred a wave of interest in software that models workers and their talents.

With HR professionals today focusing their time and energy on ensuring their company has the essential talent in the appropriate positions at the right time only the right HR technology can help them realize this goal.

As an enterprise cloud based HCM solutions provider, PeopleStrategy provides an effective way to manage SaaS based payroll, benefits, and work force management solutions. PeopleStrategy’s eHCM solution suite empowers the entire organization through self-service and mobile access, reducing administrative costs and providing more time to focus on a company’s people strategy. Designed to play a significant role in employee involvement, PeopleStrategy automates and simplifies administrative tasks that bog down HR and payroll professionals in organizations across verticals.

The workforce management solutions provided by the company allow strategic planning and decision-making with greater insight into attendance, staffing and cost trends. In addition, the firm enables the mid-market companies improve scheduling across their length and breadth. “We also take pride in providing our clients valuable solutions delivered with reliable customer service,” says Randy Cooper, CEO of the firm.

“We are committed to provide a solid foundation as a technology-enabled service company with self-service, flexibility and meaningful data,” explains Cooper. A dedicated client delivery team ensures clear, compatible, and timely communication to implore the expectations of the clients higher.
The employees possess extensive experience in HR and payroll, product development, data center management, and client service and account management. The firm has diverse client base that includes retail, manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services clients, as well as a broad representation of other industries.

We are committed to provide a solid foundation as a technology-enabled service company with self-service, flexibility, and meaningful data

Having been in the marketplace for 14 years, PeopleStrategy strives to strike a balance between the adopted workflow management in order to deliver innovative solutions that meet the clients’ needs. PeopleStrategy attracts and impresses high-caliber works with a configurable center matching employee skill to specific tasks over time. With access to powerful data and analytics, PeopleStrategy equips in identifying trends within the organization to guide more proactive, business-oriented decisions and strategies.

The company implements various apps to reduce errors and the risk of non-compliance by allowing employees to choose their own benefits online. In addition, it aids in improving communication between the employers and their workplace through a personalized home page for each employee to view important notifications. It operates in obtaining a strategic view of effectiveness by capturing valuable metrics and reporting functionality.

Moreover, PeopleStrategy reduces paper work, and improves compliance to become more productive. “Our success is driven by our work force which is strikingly homogeneous,” extols Cooper. PeopleStrategy has developed and refined an implementation methodology in workforce management that gives the clients a clear path to streamlining the process of providing functional access.

The company provides the ability to drive global presence for an increasingly demanding workforce and plays a significant role for the enhancement of the employee. On a progressive note, “We tend to focus on continuous improvement with a keen understanding of the importance of being able to adapt to the future demands,” concludes Cooper.