PeopleAdmin: Cloud-based Talent Management Solutions that Empower People

Kermit S. Randa, CEO, PeopleAdminKermit S. Randa, CEO
Today, technology and software tools are extensively used in education to not only improve student learning, but also to streamline and manage workflows and operations. However, a significant number of schools, universities and school districts have yet to incorporate effective technology into their talent management HR processes. Many, in fact, still use paper-based processes.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, PeopleAdmin, a leader in talent management software for K-12, higher education and government, continues to empower those organizations by providing innovative, easy-to-use cloud-based technology that helps identify, recruit, develop and retain the right people in the right jobs.

PeopleAdmin’s suite of solutions —TalentEd, SchoolSpring and SearchSoft for K-12, and SelectSuite for higher education and government — are designed to meet the unique talent management needs of users, improve operational efficiency, minimize risk and organize the entire talent management lifecycle. “In education, empowering human resources departments to do what they do best — efficiently hire, develop and keep the highest quality instructors and staff— can dramatically improve student outcomes,” said Kermit S. Randa, CEO of PeopleAdmin.

PeopleAdmin serves a third of all educators and administrators across the U.S., who in turn serve more than 30 percent of all students in America. The company helps its customers process more than 11 million job applications each year.

Randa says that while PeopleAdmin is a technology company, people remain at the heart of its mission. “Every day we strive to learn, iterate, innovate and grow, so we can provide education leaders with the most effective talent management software on the market.”

This month, under the theme of “more possibilities,” PeopleAdmin introduces an array of new and enhanced higher education solutions — including analytics and on boarding tools — that further improves how colleges and universities find, hire and develop a diverse workforce. It also recently launched its K-12 Onboard solution.

PeopleAdmin is committed to providing an amazing customer experience, improving our education system, and impacting the lives of others for generations to come

Through acquisitions and organic growth, the fast-growing company has continuously enhanced solutions and expanded product offerings to meet the demands of today’s — and tomorrow’s — educational institutions. PeopleAdmin solutions help organizations address such important goals as greater diversity, increased employee training, student success, improved workflows and efficiencies, and federal and state compliance.

A longtime market leader in higher education, the company last year acquired Netchemia, the leading provider of talent management solutions for K-12 education, and SearchSoft Solutions Inc., further expanding its expertise in the K-12 community. It’s the only talent management company to serve the entire K-20 market.

Randa says the company has a distinct advantage when it comes to developing solutions and leveraging its technology and insights across both K-12 and higher education. PeopleAdmin’s Onboard solution is an example of this. The product was originally created for the K-12 market but is now being introduced to the higher education market, since on boarding processes are similar. This allowed PeopleAdmin to bring a proven product to a new market in under 90 days.

In the past eight months, the company has won seven awards and recognitions for its growth, innovative solutions and focus on providing customers with what it calls “an amazing customer experience.”

It has recently announced new or strengthened partnerships with industry leaders such as PowerSchool and McREL on the K-12 side, and with HERC and CUPA-HR on the higher education side.

In addition, PeopleAdmin launched in February Inspired2Educate, a yearlong awareness program that honors our nation’s educators and encourages future educators through inspiring stories.