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Jeff Forte, CEO, PEAK Results CoachingJeff Forte, CEO
In today’s competitive world, celebrities and super-achievers are often seen as an inspiration for success, wealth, and fame. However, their road to high levels of success can be filled with overwhelm and great personal stress—sometimes even leading to extreme self-destructive decisions. There are manifold examples of this: consider the life journeys of actor Robin Williams, master chef Anthony Bourdain, and fashion designer Kate Spade. Coping in a similar hectic lifestyle are today’s business and industry thought leaders. The elevated stress levels and the demanding lifestyles of the business kingpins have led them to seek solutions that can help them manage their personal and professional lives more efficiently. But, is there any scientific way of assisting people to manage their stress? Enter PEAK Results Coaching, a one-man leadership development firm that creates custom solutions for peak performers to achieve high levels of sustained success while maintaining inner peace.

Jeff Forte, CEO of PEAK Results Coaching, begins, “Leaders need to understand that stress contributes to poor decisions and compartmentalized values in the workplace.” The unintended consequences of this create excess turnover, low morale, and significantly reduced trust. The man himself wields a history of handling key positions at several Wall Street firms for 24 years. In this tenure, he has seen a lot of people make or break their lives, from the career and personal front. And, having battled numerous personal and health-related challenges in his own life, Forte was intrigued to teach business leaders the tools to create a peak performance mindset in the midst of adversity. With a broad skill-set blended with his understanding of human dynamics, Forte’s ideas resonate with both leaders and employees. As a peak performance leadership coach, he offers impactful solutions to address today’s leadership shortfalls improving team dynamics, openness, trust, collaboration, morale, and employee loyalty.

PEAK Results Coaching, one- on-one and group peak performance training for accelerated leadership development

Forte’s prowess in leadership training reflects in PEAK Results Coaching’s unique 360-degree feedback. His process involves asking clients to rate things like their understanding of the drivers of human behavior, and the effectiveness of their personal stress offsets—both key components in conflict resolution. Based on the outcome of the initial assessment, Forte crafts the program to address performance gaps of senior executives and key employees. PEAK Results Coaching also gets requests from companies that want to train their leadership team, optimize the performance of the team, and manage change and internal conflicts. Forte’s long-running experience and expertise in all these aspects make PEAK Results Coaching a suitable leadership development partner for such companies.

While the number of success stories Forte has created is innumerable, the association with a Senior VP of a Fortune 100 firm is a testament to Forte’s leadership guiding style. The Senior VP had a lack of trust in his employer. This was predominantly because he felt that his company failed to deliver the promises of providing him a collaborative team environment. In addition, the internal political turmoil in his firm began to take a toll on his analytical thinking skills and confidence. Forte helped the Senior VP see himself differently, as being far more powerful and in control of his situation than it appeared. He upgraded his ability to positively lead and influence the people he worked with. After systematic guidance through individual meetings and e-mail correspondence, the Senior VP found himself taking over major responsibilities. He was also able to create the collaboration environment he wanted with senior leaders, peers, and subordinates, a significant improvement.

Analogous to the Senior VP’s transformation, PEAK Results Coaching’s ability to turn leadership challenges into growth opportunities has earned Forte and his firm a strong reputation in the business landscape. In the near future, Forte plans to publish his book, “Leadership Rising,” along with his blueprint for driving transformational leadership change.