Path Forward Consulting: Creating Sustainable Leadership Development Strategies

Allison Manswell, Chief Results Officer and Founder, Path Forward ConsultingAllison Manswell, Chief Results Officer and Founder
Over the years, we have seen many companies under invest in leadership development either through lack of dollars allocated or reluctance to dedicate the time required. As with everything else, the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic caught organizations off-guard and forced leaders to adapt to a sudden disruption to operations. Before we were appropriately settled into the new 100% virtual online environment, George Floyd’s killing disrupted the false sense of security that organizations had about their diversity, equity and inclusion efforts. “The outlook is clear—leadership development has become exponentially more complex in the last 12 months and is poised for continued disruption as higher expectations around diversity, equity and inclusion become more mainstream.” begins Allison Manswell – the Chief Results Officer and Founder. Path Forward Consulting’s supports the breadth of client needs in leadership development, organizational effectiveness, diversity and inclusion. The company focuses on understanding the critical challenges organizational leaders face and supporting their roadmap to achieve desired outcomes through consulting, training and coaching solutions. “Our approach to consulting is based on identifying the gap areas, providing the most effective interventions and creating measurable outcomes from our engagements,” explains Allison.

Unlike other firms that may deploy training as ‘the solution’, Path Forward aims to maximize the value of training by utilizing it as ‘an intervention’ to be combined with accountability measures for the key learnings and new expectations.. The company’s consulting team conducts evaluations in diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion (DEBI). “As a result of an in-depth assessment, we can identify vulnerabilities and implement checkpoints where leaders need to behave differently.

Sometimes that process starts with ensuring that their personal desire and professional attributes match the organization’s commitment,” adds Allison. When training is the appropriate intervention,
Path Forward orchestrates and engages employees from across the organizational hierarchy, from senior executive leaders to middle-level managers through individual contributors. Their portfolio offers a comprehensive and customized curriculum in various disciplines of supervision, management and leadership development. However, the brand is best known for cutting-edge content and masterful facilitation of the most difficult conversations, and execution of systemic change management. Their portfolio cover a range of training topics in traditional development: leading self, leading work, leading teams, leading the business, communication, change management and customer service. Inclusion topics include unconscious bias, race, gender, generations, inclusion and belonging, inclusive leadership, and senior executive considerations.
  • Our approach to consulting is based on identifying the gap areas, providing the most effective interventions and creating measurable outcomes from our engagements,” said Allison Manswell, the Chief Results Officer and Founder

Long after we solve for the initial impact of COVID-19, we will need to address the lingering challenges and opportunities for ensuring that our leaders have the skills to lead in an increasingly dynamic VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world where demonstrating diversity, equity, belonging and inclusion are standard expectations. Allison Manswell founded Path Forward Consulting to leverage her 25 years of experience and become the kind of vendor she always wanted to work with when she was the decision-maker leading leadership development for a Fortune 100 ranked company. Today, the company has carved a niche for itself as a team of experts who help ’organizations solve complex challenges and help individuals build essential skills. Path Forward is recognized in the market by various reputed publications as a company that simplifies the most difficult conversations about race and diversity, an attribute that has led the company to amass prominent clientele through word-of-mouth only. “We were recently featured in Black Enterprise Magazine for our solutions on racial equity,” says Allison. Soon, the company plans to continue its growth and improve its process to accelerate progress in leadership development programs effectively with the launch of two new products – DEBI (Diversity, Equity, Belonging & Inclusion) Action Learning Cohort,’ and ‘Leadership Round table Cohort’. “We can accelerate our progress by building the capacity inside an organization and teaching key players how to do this work more effectively,” concludes Allison.
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Path Forward Consulting

Path Forward Consulting

Ellicott City, MD

Allison Manswell, Chief Results Officer and Founder

Path Forward Consulting offers consulting, training, and coaching designed to align with the clients' needs and find solutions to their problems. The company is a rare breed in the diversity and inclusion (D&I) industry. Founded by Allison Manswell¬ – the Chief Results Officer combines over 23 years of proven expertise in organizational effectiveness, employee and leadership development interventions with organizations like Exelon, Liberty Mutual Insurance and Harvard University