PASS Technology: Background Checking, Made Simple

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As the demand for skilled workers grows, hiring the wrong person is one of the costliest mistakes an HR manager can make. Stringent regulations, business risks and the cost of delivering a poor experience to new hires imply that it is something businesses have to take more seriously than ever before. When hiring, it is imperative that the recruiters know who the person is, whether they are who they say they are, and they have a full picture about the individual. This includes their criminal history, qualifications and experience.

Background checking has been around as an important aspect of HR for many years but with increased recent scrutiny, there is a need to do more checks than ever before. What’s more, these checks each take longer and need to be compliant with all the regulations. Outsourcing these checks to a third party provider was the traditional approach but with increased regulations comes further compliance processes and because of this, outsourced providers can take several weeks to turnaround checks. What businesses and organisations need is a single and central location from which they can do all their checks and identity verification; this is where PASS Technology comes in.

PASS offers an innovative software solution to the background checking and identity verification headache. PASS allows organisations to conduct background checks on their candidates from a single location while digitising and automating the process. “Whether an employer needs to run criminal checks, work history referencing, credit checks, identity checks, adverse media checks or any other type of check, PASS has it all covered,” states Luke Battah, CEO of PASS Technology.

Developed over 10 years based on extensive client interaction, the company’s suite of products include their three solutions: Phoenix, Hydra and Olympus that address the simplest to the most complex range of challenges faced by the hiring industry. PASS Phoenix provides access to quick and easy online checks through an API or SaaS (Software As A Service) web portal. The flexible solution performs simple checks in real time and is easy to handle and very scalable.

PASS’ SaaS-oriented background verification solutions are easy to manage and designed with a mobile-first mindset ensuring improved usability for great user experience

Hydra offers pre-set checking types and workflows to handle challenges that are more complex. Olympus is the bespoke solution for global and enterprise clients and is fully configurable to cater for every possible need.

PASS Technology uses its online portal to gather candidate information and from that point, the process is candidate-driven and automated, freeing up screeners and recruiters. The average turnaround time is faster, often instantaneous, depending on the kind of check that is carried out as the software is directly integrated with data sources. “Our SaaS-based background verification solutions are easy to manage and designed with a mobile-first mindset ensuring improved usability for great user experience. The facial recognition elements are done through the user’s smart phone and results are instantaneous,” says Mr Battah. PASS Technology’s solutions streamline the client’s recruitment processes and reduce the number of resources and money invested in verification. PASS enables clients to adhere to regulations and do as many or as few checks as required.

The future looks promising for PASS Technology as they plan to venture into new markets with their solutions. The team is working on integrating AI and ML to their existing solutions and augmenting the level of automation to enhance their product suite. “We are disrupting the hiring sector with our state-of-the-art technology. We want to ensure that the people organisations employ are the right people and create a positive impact in the business world,” remarks Mr Battah. “We want to make the world a safer place.”