Workterra Collaborates With Nayya To Provide AI-Powered Benefit Decisions

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Beginning in July 2022, data-driven, user-friendly benefit decision support tools from Nayya will augment the Workterra benefits administration platform.

Fremont, CA: Employee perks are monetary rewards given to company staff. They are necessary as a token of appreciation for their loyalty and devotion to the firm. Companies have had to adjust their benefits plans after the COVID-19 outbreak due to the increasing demand for remote labor. Offering flexible work options, remote work support, and employee health are most frequent.

Workterra, a completely flexible, user-friendly benefits administration and enrollment platform, has integrated seamlessly with Nayya, a full benefits experience and healthcare management platform. As a result, Workterra clients will receive access to a next-generation toolset that will distinguish their employee benefits experienced due to this unique relationship.

According to research, people are unaware of their benefits. In fact, according to a recent Nayya poll, despite HR's best attempts to educate employees on their benefits, 63 percent of customers are unsure about choosing benefits. Moreover, there is a large disparity between HR perception and employee reality, with 82 percent of HR teams claiming that their employees understand their benefits choices with moderate confidence to confidence. Worryingly, employee confidence is much lower among Gen Z and Millennial workers, who comprise a sizable and rising proportion of the workforce.

Workterra aims to bridge that gap and deliver a true benefits navigation experience by fully integrating Nayya's technology to support enrollees throughout their benefits lifecycle, assisting them in selecting the best benefits package for their personal needs and making the best use of the benefits they have chosen throughout the year.

"The 'elephant in the room' in employee benefits is that the value delivered to employers and employees is far below what is spent today," said Ben Yomtoob, President of Workterra. "Workterra's goal is to continually improve the employee benefit experience and increase that value. Adding Nayya's innovative toolset to our leading technology platform is an important step in that process."

Nayya, powered by data science and AI technology, leverages over three billion external data points, a broad network of medical carrier connections, and hundreds of millions of claims data lines to assist workers in choosing the correct benefits. In addition, through guided benefits support and individualized advice, Nayya's technology provides employees with much-needed clarity regarding their benefits.

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