Workplace Safety Augmented by AI

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

The term artificial intelligence (AI) has been to known to bring the vibes of a futuristic vision with complete dependency on robots, with a slight hint of fear of losing employment to machines. The point of AI is a very vast subject of discussion and is undergoing change and growth at a rapid pace. The most enticing feature with the rise of AI indicated the magnitude of potential it possesses in the verticals of health and safety.

With almost every industry striding into AI, Microsoft has taken the initiative towards groundbreaking AI created with the prime motive of monitoring exact location where there are potential threats or hazards that can be controlled and dealt with. Microsoft’s AI has the capability to identify an incident that can jeopardize the safety of the people working around it, which is intimated to the concerned personnel who can rectify the issue. This new breakthrough provides new opportunities and solutions to organizations in the accident prevention business.

Another significant view of the future that has been foreseen by experts, users and the general public is that of self-driving vehicles. Although the safety of such vehicles has been a matter of debate, top industry players like Tesla have been trying to focus the AI aspect particularly into to the safety measures and usability of these vehicles. Some of the alerts that are being incorporated into these vehicles by Tesla are that of pedestrian and cyclist identification, lane departure warning system and the like. With the introduction of Tesla’s fully electric semi-truck with Auto-pilot, automatic braking and lane keeping, industry leaders from health and safety look up to Tesla for their innovation in AI.

Although not shown with sufficient distinction, AI has been a major player in the task of manufacturing in the past years. One example of AI in manufacturing is that of assembly line robots. Their contribution to health and safety is by replacing any and all manual elements where hazards to human life may be prominent. Apart from doing tasks that they are being programmed to do, AI also allows humans to be able to focus on other creative and problem-solving tasks. A major advantage of AI is that it is free from ergonomic injuries, manual errors caused by fatigue and/or negligence.  

Although AI is partly celebrated and significantly feared, it is important to know and understand that Ai is not built to replace humans. Rather their function is to be able to assist humans in providing more efficient, safer and faster services, affirming that the human touch is irreplaceable. 

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