WorkJam Introduces Secure Enterprise-Class Messaging Tool

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, August 16, 2019

Upgraded functions provide sophisticated features to enhance business performance and customer satisfaction.

FREMONT, CA: The failure to function is the primary reason that sunk most of the companies in the competitive ocean; however, the prime reason that directly affects the poor functioning is the feeble communication system. Not only does the insufficient translation make the management soggy but also the inability to unite functions segregates the working stages.   

In order to block such working anomalies, WorkJam, a digital workplace solution provider, unveiled an upgraded and fully integrated messaging software platform. The inclusion of a new communication system will bridge the gap between managers and associates, which will further lead to a robust information transitioning system. Moreover, a direct link to the vitalities of the regular workings from the company’s individual functioning stages will make the management system highly efficient.

With an ever-growing number of channels, devices, and touchpoints, the streamlining of informative data becomes extremely important. In association with the extension of communicative parameters, WorkJam provides a platform that manages employees and makes the workplace efficient and satisfactory. Moreover, the closed-network messaging platform will enable employers to send information directly within a secured chat environment. Ultimately, the chat platform will enhance a fast decision-making process based on portable device-accessible actionable data, strengthening effectiveness for both workers and staff.

Conventionally, employees switch to business chat choices to have discussions about the job without a specified communication alternative in location. While these alternatives enable staff to interact freely, there is no way for executives and headquarters to audit relationships to guarantee adherence with corporate norms and guaranteed data security. Furthermore, other technology suppliers providing SMS to frontline staff create a danger to workers because they lack safety policies and can generate unauthorized access to non-employees and competitors.

With WorkJam’s closed-network chat arrangement, managers can control distributed contents and digital assets, increasing organization defense, and providing superintendents and their associates a modernized channel of conversation.

Given today’s tight labor market, organizations can’t afford to succumb an opportunity to improve exceptional workplace culture, that’s where the new messaging functionality further promotes other features of the WorkJam Digital Workplace. 

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