Workforce Management and Optimization Benefits Contact Centers

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, December 04, 2018

workforce managementContact centers have operated by utilizing and maintaining their workforce for decades. The employees of an organization direct how a business should work and also determine its success and failure. Nowadays, a contact center can be operated from almost anywhere, and the credit for this seamless communication goes to the advanced equipment. A few call centers have employee networks with freelancers working from home with the use of cloud-based communication technology.

It is essential to monitor whether an organization is getting the best work out of their employees or not. Workforce Management (WFM) and Optimization (WFO) system assure that the organizations have tools that they require to plan, monitor, schedule or use it for evaluating their employees despite their location.

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What are WFM and WFO?

Workforce Management stands for a set of integrated processes and organization adopts to improve the productivity of its employees. It is a term that encompasses all the activities that require a productive workforce. The process involves assigning the right task to the right employee that includes tools like attendance tracking and employee scheduling.

Workforce Optimization is a strategy that businesses adapt to confirm if they are delivering the best possible customer experiences and generating high levels of profits. WFO aids businesses by producing data on work performance. It is used to manage, analyze and optimize staff and incorporates things like call recording, quality management, and analytics to oversee all call center performance.

Do these processes help contact centers?

Workforce management is the reason behind a contact center which runs smoothly. For example, with a WFM solution, supervisors can monitor that the right level of staff is recruited and designated to the proper work. WFM solution, when used for scheduling, makes sure that service levels are balanced in the contact centers, keeping operating costs minimal without compromising on customer service.

In a setting, where there are dispersed contact centers, WFM tools can help in creating and maintaining schedules within the enterprises. It can also be assisted by AI technology and can access previous data to forecast future demands thereby helping the organizations to prepare for busy seasons.

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Enhancing customer experience

Cloud-based technologies WFO and WFM tools offer transparency by monitoring essential performance criteria. With the correct scheduled programs, organizations can observe and record the real-time availability and status of contact center agent, and make sure that the customers are directed to the right set of employees to get the fastest service possible.

WFO and WFM are highly beneficial for an organization as it can minimize costs, enhance customer care services and help an organization to stand out in the marketplace.

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