Why the Organizational Workplace Culture Needs to Change?

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 02, 2020

Today, firms must enable themselves with workforce and leaders to hire and retain talented employees and change the workplace culture,

Fremont, CA:  An organization's ability to disrupt and lead in the present day highly competitive and rapidly changing business environment relies on its employees. The workforce is rapidly evolving as well, making it imperative for business leaders to shift their mindset to focus on their people. The changing workforce is encouraging leaders to think differently about their roles in the organization. Human resource professionals can help build operating models creating an environment in which workers feel valued.

According to KPMG’s 2018 CEO Outlook survey, 99 percent of U.S. companies use a contingent workforce in some capacity. Contingent and gig workers create many possible ways to achieve an optimal workforce shape, size, or composition. Today, employees seek tailored employment experiences that align with their personal goals and values. This shift in employee mindset is pushing organizations to form new hiring strategies and deliver a deeper purpose and fulfillment.

Automation technologies have a profound impact on talent hiring strategies. Automation increases productivity, streamlines time-consuming manual work, increases employee re-skilling requirements, impacts workflows, and creates demand for new roles and new technical specializations.

In the enhanced working environments, employees can work innovatively and more productively and organizations can attract and retain high-value employees.  According to research, organizations with specific employee experience programs and strategies have three times higher profit growth rates. This growth is due to the freedom provided to the employees to be innovative with their work. To provide such employee experience, organizations have to assess and analyze not just the company but also the needs and wants of each employee from a career, workplace, and employer’s perspective. With the report, the company can form tailored experiences for a multi-generational workforce.

To enhance employee experience, an organization has to put stress on the structural elements that shape the work.  Human resource must provide human-centered services to the employees, i.e., instead of focusing on the process, the HR department of the future will be like a service provider, and that will meet the needs of “internal customers.”  In the digital age, creating an employee experience that differentiates the organization from its competition will be critical and eliminating the task-focused workplace culture will be the key. 

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