Why Talent Acquisition is Important for an Organization?

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 13, 2022

Finding a best fit for a role is crucial for a company and the talent acquisition department assists an organization in hiring skilled employees.

Fremont, CA: Talent Acquisition (TA) creates a framework that helps an organization in finding the best talent. The framework functions for both companies and candidates as it considers their needs and aligns them correctly to find the best possible outcome. As companies are experiencing a labor shortage, TA is getting crucial by the second. Recruiters are actively looking for the right candidates, but finding qualified candidates is like finding a needle in a haystack. Thus, the organization's talent acquisition department have to strategize to hire the right talent.

TA is crucial given the current labor market; thus, an organization must align the TA strategy with its strategic goals. Consequently, it allows HRs and managers to attract qualified candidates. Similarly, as per the strategy, the organization must align the employer brand with the TA strategy as it is not only the company's identity but also a major tool to acquire talent. In a few organizations, marketing departments are responsible for the brand and its presence in the market. The talent acquisition department should be involved in the development of the strategy. Branding aims to help potential candidates understand the company culture. According to LinkedIn, companies with a strong employer brand witness a 43 percent decrease in the cost per candidate.  

The TA team plays a vital role in the lifecycle of an employee, especially in the first few stages. Furthermore, workforce planning must be conducted regularly to understand the talent supply and demand. It should be focused on the effects of the labor market on the goals of the company.

The majority of employed adults accept or refuse an offer based on the application, interview, or offer process. Thus, a company can improve its candidate experience by writing clear job descriptions, which include simple and clear language with must-have requirements. The application process should be streamlined, and the career pages should be easily accessible with clear instructions. Communicating with the candidates during each step of the process and ensuring the information about each step of the process should be available. Finally, informing the candidate soon if they are not being considered, but trying to end the process on a positive note is also a part of excellent candidate experience.

There a few employees want that the company must consider, such as a flexible schedule or ability to work remotely. Adopting technologies such as artificial intelligence as it is being embraced in the talent acquisition space. Accepting the new social norms, such as considering employee values, is also a big part of the talent acquisition strategy.

The job market is competitive and moving at a fast pace. Thus, human resources professionals have to manage the talent pool with super speed. In the future, if the TA leaders are not able to interact with job seekers in real-time, they might risk losing potential candidates. TA performed in the right manner can help a company grow and reach its goals.

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