Why HR analytics is a tool every company needs

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Digital transformations have entirely changed the workplace environment, and along with it, the functions of different departments in organizations. Technology has revolutionized almost all the features of the HR department- from talent hiring and acquisition to tracking employee performance. Below mentioned are a few aspects of an organization that an HR-analytics tool can immensely help with.

1.    Corporate Goals: HR analytics solutions can be deployed to design job functions better so that companies can optimize talents and work environment, and micro level efforts by employees that can contribute to meeting the organizational goals.

2.    Talent Acquisition: HR analytics enables enterprises to enhance talent outcomes in a multitude of ways and assists in identifying the most effective job marketing strategies. It can also help in determining the recruitment agencies that deliver the most competent candidates and even the competing companies that one can hire from.  Recruiting the deserving candidates can assist companies in the long run and can further aid in maintaining a competitive edge as well as meeting the business goals.

3.    Employee Performance: Employee engagement programs should no longer be based on the trial and error approach or educated guesswork but through a measurable, result-driven process. With this approach, organizations will be able to identify skill gaps, personalize employee development and measure the effectiveness of specific workflow. Beyond that, analytical solutions can also figure out the underlying cause of the high turnover rate.

4.    Strategic Insights: Data is the king, and it’s everywhere. Digitization has made the process of data collection much more manageable. But possession of this enormous amount of data would do no good to the enterprises; therefore, organizations are expected to draw insights from the data available so that they can align their workforce with the company’s long and short term strategies.

In a nutshell, HR analytics will help organizations to perform better and yield higher ROI based on the empirical evidence, instead of relying on guesswork only.

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