What Makes Corporate Meetings Effective?

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, March 04, 2022

About 50 percent of working time is calculated to be spent in meetings. It is necessary to manage meetings effectively.

Fremont, CA: Businesses around the world are still adapting to the new normal. The shift from the office environment to a completely remote working mode has its own challenges. One such challenge is to conduct meetings effectively. This particular matter can also be relevant in terms of office working culture too. Managers often face trouble properly communicating the purpose of a meeting, which can further the communication among employees. There are certain measures a manager can undertake to make sure every meeting is administrated effectively.

The first and foremost step to a well-executed meeting is to make an agenda and stick to it. That is, make sure the attendees are informed and are kept engaged. This eradicates the risk of spending time on topics that may not be relevant. Keeping an eye on the possible distractions can help to an extent. Whether in the office or remote working, meetings can be interrupted with distractions like smart devices, notifications, and messages. If in the office the attendees can be asked to leave their devices before entering the meeting and virtual attendees can be asked to be present by keeping their cameras on.

Meetings often have the reputation of being uninteresting and this happens due to fewer interactions. When thoughtful questions are asked and answered attendees tend to be attentive making the meeting a successful one. Managers should not only be able to exchange thoughts but also practice active listening. It helps to know how the team responds to the agenda of the meeting and clarifications can be given instantly when in doubt.

In addition to the points explained above, taking detailed notes on the meeting can also help to fulfil the purpose of the meeting. Finally comes the most important step, being punctual to the meeting and staying up to the time limit. There are times when managers are late to join the meetings and may miss the specified time duration. This will exhaust the team members since it may delay their commitments. Being aware of this situation and managing time accordingly will help a meeting to be impactful.  

Needless to say, meetings are important to businesses since there are certain things that cannot be conveyed through email or any other form of communication. Conducting a meeting can help in better information exchange, problem solving and progress tracking. Hence, it is always better to have a clear discussion or communication, a well-planned agenda, and be aware of the time and situation. This way meetings can be impactful as they are supposed to be.

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