Wellness Ideas to Improve Employee Performance

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, February 22, 2019

Organizations are always in a battle mode with employee disengagement and employee health with retention; as a result, wellness programs have now been expanded to cover what employees need and value. Studies prove that up to $3 in health premiums and $2 in absenteeism is saved for every dollar spent on wellness initiatives, which is about 300 percent of the ROI. Wellness programs have shown that they increase the commitment of employees, make them more productive and increase revenue for every company. However, there are still many organizations where employees are deprived of many wellness initiatives due to a lack of budget or perhaps due to limited resources. For such companies, some fundamental changes with zero financial investment can bring phenomenal results.

Firstly, as the body moves, brain grooves. The consensus is that one should alternate between standing and sitting at intervals of about 30 to 60 minutes. Research proves that as the body moves, the brain functions better. This will increase their focus and translate into their improved performance.

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The second change is the need to eat healthily. Employee break areas and meeting rooms should be stored with healthy, low- fat snacks rather than salty or sweet ones. Organizations need to provide employees the ability to make healthier choices on how to snack when buying these products in large quantities.

Employees should have access to free wellness apps and web tools for weight management, blood pressure, diabetes, stress, and cessation of smoking. Enterprises should encourage employees to get up and move with exercise clubs for walkers, runners, and sports enthusiasts. This goal can also be supported by a basketball hoop on one end of the parking lot.

Too many offices and workplaces have stuffed, recycled air that can make employees feel sluggish. They need to be made a healthier place by having plants that produce oxygen all over the area.

Stair challenge: Employees should be rewarded to take the staircase instead of the lift, and the best way to instill this is to arrange a challenge centered around it for a month.

Executives should consider these steps as a foundation for a new beginning. In the end, it’s not how much is spent but how much is taught on the concept of wellness in the company.

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