Ways to prepare for pre-employment screening

HR Tech Outlook | Saturday, February 01, 2020

Potential employers might utilize several screens to grasp the past fully.

Fremont, CA: Before sending someone a job offer, numerous firms may undertake pre-employment tests. During the interview process, potential employers will usually do a screening to aid their hiring choice. Potential employers might utilize several screens to grasp the past fully. Let's see some of the ways companies can prepare for pre-employment screening.

  • Report inaccurate information

If anything got filed incorrectly, pre-employment testing might occasionally provide false data. If the company finds any inaccuracies in their screening, they should notify the appropriate authorities right once. The company can also inform the future employer that the screen is erroneous and, if feasible, provide proof of the error. If they have a popular name, a hiring manager may request a report containing information from someone else. To avoid this, check their Social Security number, current residence, and work history with a prospective employer before requesting a report.

  • Run a background check on yourself

One may find out what future employers could see on company records by conducting a background investigation on themself. One may need to gather records from several sources depending on the work. For example, if the company is seeking a job as a delivery driver, they should request their driving and motor vehicle records to check the information is correct.

  • Notify your references

A prospective employer may call their references as part of the screening process. It would help if the company let their referrals know they can await a telephone conversation or an email from a corporate representative. Notifying potential referees will allow them to prepare for a dialogue in which they'll be able to check their job history precisely. Provide potential referees with a copy of the most current résumé and the job description so they can understand what the company is talking about.

  • Review your social media

During the employment process, recruiters may look at social media profiles. Examine personal company accounts and adjust their privacy settings if they have the information they want to keep secret.


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