Ways To Acknowledge An Employee’s Efforts During Remote Working

Hanna Wilson, HR Tech Outlook | Monday, November 02, 2020

Managers need to put in some extra effort during remote working to provide their employees a pick me up while working in isolation. Some ways to do so, are discussed below.

Fremont, CA: Businesses are experiencing all the advantages of work from home agents – like high retention and increased productivity. Well, most workforce experts agree that recognition and reward shouldn’t be an afterthought – it’s one among the primary responsibilities of each supervisor who is liable for engendering employee loyalty, dedication, and productivity in remote workers.

Here are three ways managers can modify traditional employee reward and recognition programs to suit a virtual workplace.

1. Build A Community For Remote Workers:

Much of the main target on telecommuting is placed on how the worker interacts with the manager, but this is often just one aspect. Another significant part of the typical work experience is lost when workers turn remote – the office community.

As a manager, one needs to build a virtual community through organizing online chats, facilitating video conferences, and inspiring workers to share ideas and offer feedback through social media groups. When there is active involvement in the community, feelings of isolation decrease, workers see that managers value them individually, and as a member of a more significant community and a contributor to the group’s collective thought process, they’re motivated to continue therein role.

2. Be Specific:

Work acknowledgment generates employee engagement, so it’s crucially imperative for supervisors to provide their specialized input. In any case, this recommends sending common messages of much obliged. Workers need to tune in to that their endeavors are recognized and esteemed. When a representative takes activity or surpasses desires, administrators should send them a message that mainly focuses on their accomplishment. 

3. Remain Practical:

If a manager needs to acknowledge the team’s efforts, going to an eatery or giving them a gift card will do them no good if they can’t utilize it. The best option is to provide extra rewards from the administration’s point of view or items they might need to get better in trade for work or do well at work, whether that’s a credit for an exercise center participation iTunes blessing card. Grant them a present they will practically utilize, not just a display item, which can get collected on their desk.

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