Visier Introduces New Norms to Make HR Departments More Efficient

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, July 24, 2019

John Schwarz, CEO

New metrics for HR Departments will help the executives to streamline HR processes and plan their budget.

FREMONT, CA: To provide better information capabilities to measure the efficiency of the human resources department, Visier, an innovator in applied big data cloud technology, which offers workforce intelligence solutions has rolled out a new update on their HR Effectiveness platform. The update will provide concrete business impacts for HR leaders to present to their leadership team.

HR Effectiveness provides content to assist the HR organizations in looking inside and comprehending the information in the updated version about their own effectiveness. HR leaders will now be able to guarantee that their department has sufficient funds to help the workers of their organizations and will have useful information outlining the impact of HR on the organization to advocate with economic stakeholders for budget and resources. Furthermore, HR teams will be able to use Visier Benchmark information to compare their HR efficiency with that of the industry.

“Companies are always looking to make sure that HR function is spending time and money on the most important challenges in the most effective way,” said Paul Rubenstein, Chief People Officer for Visier. “We are committed to helping CHROs measure impact and access the data for making business cases around changing HR’s spend. This shouldn’t be a consulting project; this should be every-day information that is at their fingertips.”

Available with Visier People, HR Effectiveness will include metrics such as HR employee ratio, HR FTE ratio, HR labor costs per employee, Manager to HRBP ratio, and Manager to HR recruiting proportion. These metrics will answer critical HR Company questions such as how HR staffing level is changing? How HR labor costs per employee and per HR employee changing? What are the HR team’s demographics? How efficient are particular HR functions such as performance recruitment? It won’t be a consulting project; it will be every-day information that is at the HR manager’s fingertips.

Visier’s unmatched workforce analytics and workforce planning capabilities were recognized by the HR Tech Outlook Magazine as one of the “HR Analytics Solution Providers” in its 2015 edition.

“Visier has mastered making the complex easy,” explains John Schwarz, CEO, Visier. "We get our customers, who represent a number of the world's best brands, up and running with extensive Workforce Intelligence capabilities in 4-8 weeks. We do this at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. And we work tirelessly with our customers to help them on their journey to data-driven HR. Our customers experience a 20:1 cost-benefit advantage over the traditional solution. And all this is available instantly to people with little or no IT or analytics background."

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