Upgrading Learning Methodologies with Unique Innovations

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, December 14, 2018

learning management methodsThe learning landscape has completely changed today. Advancements in the technology are disrupting the functioning of many organizations. Digital learning acts as the force that motivates the workplace learners to move the organization forward. There is a number of learning techniques other than LMS. The transition from a learning methodology to another is difficult. However, the changes have to be accepted by the users to enhance the learning process.

Spaced Learning is a learning method that provides information in short bursts which helps learners to remember and recall what they learned. Particularly, it is helpful in this age of mobile learning, where active learners can use mobile devices to access the tool while traveling or even at home. Various e-learning providers are rapidly adopting spaced learning design for effective learning in the corporate world.

The Experience API (xAPI) is a new eLearning software standard for eLearning experts that will enable users to collect and analyze far more learning data than was possible in the past. API tracks all the activities of the learner. It helps employees to understand the concept through a continuous stream of learning.

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Adapting micro- and macro-learning keeps the learners updated on the new developments and trends. Microlearning is short-term learning while macro learning is required to build the learners knowledge and to set the context.

Using a range of APIs, the new learning methodologies offer major advantages. Fuse Universal learning methodology provides customers the most advanced technologies in the market, built to help increase learner engagement and business performance; Netex brings innovative learning technologies to companies and publishers where their learning cloud platform is much more than an LMS.

The journey of innovative education practices has just started, but it has a long way to go. Such unique learning methodologies improve the learners’ training experience with easy-to-use platforms that work on any device, anywhere, and any time. Learning quickly and developing new skills is very important for every employee in the organization and these platforms facilitate to achieve the same in a simplified and convenient manner.

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