Unmind Launches Plus One, Gives Frees Access to 2.5 Million Users

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Underpinned by clinical psychology, Unmind takes a whole-person approach to support employees' mental wellbeing by offering a range of digital courses, in-the-moment exercises, and assessments available anytime, anywhere.

FREMONT, CA: Unmind, the workplace mental health platform that empowers employees to measure and improve their mental wellbeing, announced the launch of Plus One, a new feature allowing all users to give friends and family free access to Unmind.

As COVID-19, the economic crisis, and political unrest take a toll on workers' mental health, employee wellbeing has become a business priority. Identifying and treating employee mental health concerns is a real challenge for companies. Unmind's digital platform takes a whole-person, whole-organization approach to mental wellbeing, promoting prevention, education, treatment, and care. By launching Plus One, Unmind increases its commitment to supporting "mental health for all" by sharing existing employee access to over 2.5 million loved ones.

"COVID-19 has challenged everyone's mental health, and the long-term impact of the pandemic depends on our actions today," said Dr. Nick Taylor, CEO, and co-founder of Unmind and clinical psychologist. "The whole-person approach means taking care of people's psychological, physical, and social needs. Extending our platform to employees' friends and family allows us to make a significant impact when many people are struggling."

Plus One provides access to the Unmind platform's tools, programs, and content, including digital courses, in-the-moment exercises, and assessments that are available anytime, anywhere. The platform covers topics ranging from Sleep, Calmness, and Connection to Fulfilment, Health, and Happiness.

Unmind empowers employees to care for their mental wellbeing proactively. The business's vision is to reposition the topic of mental health as something everyone has, 24/7, that should be nurtured just like we look after our dental health by brushing our teeth or physical health by exercising.

Since February 2020, when lockdowns began and workforces started working from home, household names such as Samsung, Standard Chartered, Medallia, and Virgin Media have partnered with Unmind to give employees access to clinically backed tools and resources.

Unmind has reported the following record growth indicators since February:

• 291 percent increase in active users

• 130 percent increase in total customers

• More than 100 percent increase in revenue

• 83 percent increase in employee count

• Opened offices in New York and Sydney

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