Types of Recruiting Tools Companies Should Start Using

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, March 02, 2021

For in-house teams, recruitment software is somewhat different from recruiting software for agencies.

Fremont, CA: 20 percent of vital positions were not filled after five months, according to a survey conducted by Gartner in early 2020. Vacant vacancies place pressure on the members of the team who have to take on the duties of the job, as well as the recruiters who work to find the best match for the vacancy.

When it comes to a company's hiring needs, recruitment software is a game-changer, whether you're a one-person company or a corporate organization.

Why should recruitment tools be used by a company?

The right tool will help your team find and recruit quality candidates effectively, saving time and money for a company.

In the entire hiring process, recruitment software automates many of the time-consuming administrative activities. For instance, this tool allows recruiters to store all applicant information in a searchable database instead of manually tracking applicants in a spreadsheet or email. It can also screen out unqualified applicants automatically and route qualified candidates to a suitable recruiter or hiring manager. This saves time, decreases the administrative burden and increases the recruiting process pace.

Finally, several hiring instruments provide monitoring capabilities as well. With this feature, to concentrate one's attention on the channels with the best return on investment, one can track where the best hires are coming from.

Two types of recruiting software users:

Recruiting software for recruiting agencies

Recruiting agencies must fill vacancies based on customer-given requirements. Because of this, these organizations need solutions designed to house vast quantities of candidate data that are easily searchable. This information is crucial in helping them identify suitable applicants that they can pass on to their customers. Strong sourcing, searching, and candidate-matching functionalities are needed for the volume of candidates these agencies evaluate.

But just one slice of the pie for hiring firms is applicant management. They will need tools for recruitment that can answer incoming requests, store customer information, and communicate real-time notifications.

Computer Hiring for HR Divisions

For any part of the selection process, in-house recruitment departments are accountable. They have to post openings on the jobs page and job pages of their company, source and screen applicants and collect input from interviews.

For in-house teams, recruitment software is somewhat different from recruiting software for agencies. For instance, it could have features such as targeted recruitment ads and employer branding campaigns that help attract quality talent to a company.

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