Truework Announces Partnership with Gusto

HR Tech Outlook | Monday, April 19, 2021

Truework digitalizes the verification process for HR departments, banks, and others to make it faster and more secure for individuals to get verified when applying for loans, jobs, and apartment rentals.

FREMONT, CA: Truework, the consumer-driven income verification platform, announced an exclusive partnership with Gusto, the modern people platform that provides small and medium businesses with payroll, benefits, and HR, to support income and employment verifications for any employee on the Gusto platform. This partnership will expand Truework's network by over 100,000 small businesses and their employees who use Gusto, making Truework the largest verification provider for small businesses.

This partnership with Gusto will make it easier for employees on the Gusto platform to verify sensitive information by giving them better control over how their employment data is shared. With Truework, employment information can be shared directly with third-party verifiers, but only after employees give their consent can any data be sent outside the platform.

"Income verification is a prime example of a process that has been streamlined and secured for employees at large enterprise organizations while small businesses and their employees are left behind," said Ryan Sandler, CEO, and co-founder of Truework. "Anyone who has worked at a small business while applying for a mortgage knows how painstaking this process can be. Oftentimes it is up to the employee to chase down their manager to respond to faxes and phone calls, all while the business and its employees have a laundry list of more important things to do to help serve their customers."

For employers using Gusto, Truework saves time by automatically responding to verification requests from lenders, landlords, and other third parties. On average, 25 percent of employees annually engage in a life event or transaction that requires this type of verification, saving Gusto users dozens of hours per year.

"At Gusto, we firmly believe in the notion that companies are data custodians, not data owners, and employees deserve transparency and ownership of their personal data," said Somrat Niyogi, Gusto's head of business development. "In partnering with Truework, we're giving employees the privacy and consent they need to better own and control their data while significantly reducing employers' time spent on the employee verification process."

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