Top Trends of Employer Branding

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, July 08, 2021

After 10-15 years, career sites and employment portals began to attract the companies' desired profiles.

FREMONT, CA: To overcome the recruitment competition, companies realized they needed to develop an appealing employer brand. Unless the brand gets communicated to the outside world, was this conceivable. Print media was highly prevalent at the time. After 10-15 years, career sites and employment portals began to attract the companies' desired profiles.

Let’s see few trends in employer branding to need to know

  • More Co-operation Needed Among Internal Stakeholders

CEOs, HR professionals, and perhaps other internal stakeholders accountable for employer branding should work together to keep each other accountable. Internal teams must work together more closely to achieve the best employer branding results for acquiring and maintaining the top personnel.

  • Rethink your Existing Employer Branding Strategy

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Over the next few years, firms' employer branding goals will shift. Many of them could start thinking about the long term and would be more interested in developing a global talent brand. It will entail researching to learn more about what people are saying, thinking, and feeling about their jobs, employers, and efforts.

Companies should invest in all these talent branding activities to reach potential candidates on various social media channels.

  • Circulating the EVP Internally within the Organization

The organization's EVP must get activated during its internal population to strengthen employer branding initiatives. Existing employees will be more engaged as a result of this. Whenever informing an employee of the advantages and pleasure of working for the company, they may recommend other best talent to themselves.

  • Measuring the KPIs and Reducing Spent on Odd Strategies

Average retention, employee engagement, and recruit quality are also the three leading KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) employed nowadays. External employer branding activities can also be measured using external measures such as ratings and consumer characteristics.

  • Social Media Remains the Top Digital Channel to Boost Results.

The reputation of the organization as an employee would continue to be affected by social media. The company has a higher way of gaining the best talent if users disseminate the news around. Over the next few years, social networking sites for employer branding can increase by 70 percent.

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