Tips to Maintain HR Compliance

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Fremont, CA: A human resources manager or department is responsible for a wide range of tasks. They hire, onboard, and terminate employees; perform administrative tasks; manage payroll and employee benefits; assist with employee training and development; nurture company culture; manage risk and safety measures; and, perhaps most importantly, assist their company in remaining legal.

Here are some of the top HR compliance tasks that Dimitt said small businesses must follow:

Acquiring the Mandatory Federal and State Posters

Federal and state laws require businesses to purchase and display posters that list specific labor laws for the benefit of their entire workforce. These should be updated on a regular basis as laws and regulations change. To ensure compliance, businesses can purchase federal and state "all-in-one" posters, according to Dimitt.

Giving All New Recruits Their Required Documents

This may seem obvious, but providing key documents to new employees as soon as they start at the company is an important part of HR compliance. Some paperwork is legally required to be provided, while others can simply aid in the avoidance of future disputes. When an employee leaves the company, the same policy applies.

Updating Employee Handbook

Although an employee handbook is not legally required, it is highly recommended. Employee handbooks can help one communicate one's policies to one's employees and avoid legal squabbles. A handbook for employees is also a living document that should be updated as laws and policies change.

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