Tips to Enhance Employee Engagement

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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Employee engagement is crucial for a dedicated cadre is no hidden truth. Human resource department experiments with several strategies to boost the same, both for new onboardings and existing employees. Companies must distribute this responsibility among all departments as engagement cannot just be achieved by efforts of one department.

Involve the Marketing Team

It might sound odd but marketing an internal initiative is equally important like advertising a product externally. HR and marketing heads can together brainstorm new ideas and channel to market them within the organization. Public events, recognition programs, new communication pieces, and several other ideas if marketed properly will result in better participation and further in improved employee engagement.

Bring Managers to Responsibility

Managers in the organization impact the engagement as well. Employees in direct contact of administration are observed to have better engagement as they get a chance to showcase their abilities and get noticed. Measures taken by management executives have a greater influence on employees, keeping them motivated to perform better. In return, managers can provide some leeway to their teams for the good. Even integrating leaders in onboarding procedures builds trust among new hires and reduces anxiety. Companies with such strategies have been observed to have better employee engagement percentage.

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Clear Communication is Must

Communication plays a key role in retaining employees and hiring new talents. Each query must be answered precisely, leaving no doubts for dissatisfaction. A clear, hesitation-free, and open for all communication channel allows employees to trust the organization. New onboardings with all doubts and policies clear are more likely to retain for a longer period of time and will be able to focus over their work, resulting in higher employee productivity. Communicating with employees about their thoughts on various topics keeps them engaged with the organizations. Even taking inputs from employees themselves could be beneficial for the same.

Public Recognitions Still Work

Public recognitions are impactful and will remain in the future as well. The simple human behavior strategy still holds its magic; employees must be praised for their work through awards, incentives, and recognition that motivates them to focus on work refraining them from distractions. Involving management could create a better impact.

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