Tips to encourage employees in an enterprise

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Today’s business environment is proliferating. Organizations are focused on the faster growth in a way that sometimes they forget that the growth has to be attained from their main assets that are the employees. The success or failure of an enterprise shows its employee’s engagement with their work.

Employee engagement is all about offering an environment with the right conditions, values, or tools that connect employees with the organization and brings the best from them. An engaged workplace can produce committed, enthusiastic employees who can connect their individual goal with the goal of the organization.

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Following are some of the factors that drive employee engagement in an organization:

Encouraging open communication: Enterprises should encourage open communication at every level, from the newest joiner to the highest level. Also, the culture of honesty at work helps to face a crisis if it happens. Employees should be comfortable to voice their opinion or mistake and perform to lead to a more content workforce. 

Aligning Vision: An organization should make its employees aware of the organization’s vision or goal. When employees work without having any goal in mind and are expected to perform continuously, they lead to low productivity and engagement.

Inspiring autonomy and individual growth: Employees can perform well if they are allowed to practice autonomously. It boosts them to perform if they have given the opportunity to make decisions that impact on organization’s success. Also, employees will be able to work independently and collaboratively.

Motivating digitally: The process of motivation nowadays also requires a digital approach. Gamification is one of the ways of that approach. Its an application of game mechanics in the workplace to drive positive change and outcomes. Employees readily accept gamification out of the desire to compete and be rewarded.

Leading with optimism: A leader who works with optimism can make his/her employees more engaged with work.  Leaders’ positive attitude towards the goal, or co-workers inspired employees to give their best. Leaders’ beginning each day with an optimistic outlook makes an impact on employees and boosts them to stay focused.

Making employees engaged with organizations imports loyalty and motivation in them. Organizations should be initiated for this to be succeeded.

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