Tips to Build Successful Employee Rewards and Recognition Strategy

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, September 03, 2021

In a mixed work arrangement, digital technology can help significantly improve the employee experience and engagement.

Fremont, CA: Creating a pleasant environment and culture is critical as firms balance remote working, productivity, employee wellbeing, and satisfaction. Everyone misses the camaraderie of the office, so now is the ideal moment to develop a specific strategy for engaging workers who work from home. In a mixed work arrangement, digital technology can help to improve the employee experience and increase engagement.

Employee incentives and recognition programs digitalized can enhance employee morale and wellbeing while also increasing productivity and company performance. However, with the changing needs of businesses and employees, these programs must remain adequate and relevant. According to experts, organizations should pivot their strategy to manage this digital change through incentives and recognition programs.

Let’s see how organizations can boost employee engagement by implementing digital rewards and recognition strategies:

  • Filling the travel gap with experiential reward

Traveling as a reward is a one-of-a-kind experience that can't get matched in these trying times. Organizations, on the other hand, have the option to fill this void with experiential benefits.For example, digital gift vouchers for at-home beauty and wellness services, home deliveries from hyper-local businesses, or any e-commerce site allow employees to choose no-contact delivery. In addition, a virtual lunch delivery program can get implemented to increase team engagement by allowing employees to "get together" remotely while working from home.

  • Gamification for effective employee engagement

Incorporate employee gamification ideas into non-gaming scenarios to make the workplace more entertaining, rewarding, and collaborative. For example, create a scoreboard, certificates, and titles to recognize employees in many aspects of their professional lives. Making appreciation a constant and continuous event will pique your employees' attention and motivate them to perform better.Without a doubt, gamification can help organizations measure and govern their rewards and recognition programs.

  • Personalize virtual rewards

Office trips and celebrations got canceled due to the pandemic. It has created a new opportunity to express gratitude to team members who make things possible. In addition, a customized award strengthens the employer-employee bond. For example, it is customizing gifts for a bibliophile who would rather have an online eBook subscription than a gift ticket from an e-commerce clothes retailer.

  • Energizing employees using virtual wellness rewards

Remote working has had a tremendous impact on people's mental health as they go beyond their personal and professional commitments. Long-term virtual wellness programs can have a long-term positive effect on the body and psyche. Employee wellness is a priority for companies that want to establish a happy and healthier remote workforce.


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