Tips to Build Resiliency for Better Health and Wellbeing of Your Employees

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, August 13, 2021

According to a survey, a quarter of all employees consider their job to be a stressful aspect of life.

FREMONT, CA: We all deal with stress daily. From raising kids and managing finances to juggling schedules and caring for loved ones, women face various challenges. And that's all before we even get to work in the morning. When we go to work, we have a backlog of emails to deal with and critical meetings and looming deadlines.

According to a survey, a quarter of all employees consider their job to be a stressful aspect of life. Work stress is on the rise, which is a matter of concern because it can lead to lower productivity, higher staff turnover, more significant health costs, and employee burnout.

Employees' long-term health effects could include a greater risk of heart attack and stroke, obesity, low immunity, gastrointestinal issues, and a longer recovery time from illness. However, the intensity and pace of modern work and life are unlikely to change. As a result, it's more crucial than ever to understand how to become more resilient and promote a resilient environment.

The following are some strategies that help one become more resilient:

  • In the office, create strong social networks. Positive relationships not only make arriving to work more fun, but they also ensure that one has a solid support system in place when they need it.
  • Self-care is important. If one doesn’t look for oneself, the capacity to deal with stress and other obstacles is likely to decrease.‍
  • Get plenty of rest, move around frequently, and eat nutritious foods.
  • Be adaptable. Nothing ever remains the same. One will be more resilient than someone who continues to oppose change if one can accept that things can and do change.
  • Problem-solving should be seen as a learning opportunity. It is entirely up to one how they respond to a circumstance.Rather than panicking and reacting negatively, see setbacks as an opportunity to gain a new skill or learn a valuable lesson.
  • Rejoice in one’s achievements—Pat oneself on the back when things go well instead of obsessing on the things that don't. Even better, congratulate co-workers on their accomplishments. Recognizing others' accomplishments can aid in the development of resilient workplace culture.

Here are some tips you can adopt to make your company more resilient:

  • Encourage people to interact with one another: Organize team-building activities and social gatherings for employees. Meetings should include time for employees to interact and interact on a personal level.
  • Promote physical health: Provide a work environment that supports healthy habits, such as presenting nutritional foods at meetings, allowing staff to wear tennis shoes to encourage walking, and replacing unhealthy vending machines with healthier ones.

Set the bar for when it comes to taking breaks, meals, and vacations: Encourage employees to bring their leaves in the morning and afternoon. Managers should communicate not only the message but also set an example for their employees.

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