Three Strategies to Promote the Use of Wellness Benefits Among Remote Employees

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, August 13, 2021

Making it simple and meaningful for remote workers to participate in the company's wellness programs will make them feel more connected and improve their physical and mental health and well-being.

FREMONT, CA: The number of remote workers in the United States was rising even before the COVID-19 pandemic made working from home the new norm for many employees. Ensure that these employees feel like they are a vital part of the company and that they maintain contact with their coworkers. Employee happiness, efficiency, and retention are all influenced by this.

Here are three strategies to promote wellness benefits among remote employees:

Wellness offerings that translate well to live streaming and video content

Make sure that remote workers can easily participate via video chat while organizing wellness lunch and learn workshops, conferences, demos, and classes. Remind the presenter to invite remote participants to participate entirely by inviting interaction and questions. If the class or presentation needs special equipment, make sure you give the same equipment and supplies to remote participants or provide reimbursement for them to buy their own supplies. If you have remote workers in different time zones, record the event and send them a link to watch it when it's convenient for them.

Build an online wellness resource library

Both remote and on-site workers benefit from this approach, allowing them to access information and resources whenever and wherever they want. The library will provide material on your company's fitness and health benefits, as well as video and audio content on exercise and stress management. Remote workers should be able to ask questions of your HR staff, make suggestions for potential programs and benefits, and get answers to commonly asked questions about your health offerings via the library, which you can make more interactive by using chatbots or live chat with an HR team member if possible.

Build relationships between remote and in-person employees by teaming them up for wellness challenges and events

One problem that remote employees report struggling with, especially during the pandemic, is a sense of isolation. Create wellness-based workplace tasks such as miles walked and minutes of mindfulness practice and pair remote and in-person staff on each team to counteract this. Employees can go on virtual walks together, take a yoga break together during the workday, or check-in at regular intervals to share their health achievements and challenges, either over the phone or via video chat.

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