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HR Tech Outlook | Friday, June 28, 2019

In the current era, when organizations face cut-throat competition in attracting the best talent, there is a need for adopting the latest recruitment approaches.

FREMONT, CA: The prospect of sifting through troves of candidate data is daunting for many industries. The conventional recruitment approaches often confine the HR personnel to tend to the paperwork of prospective employees, thus inhibiting efficiency and productivity. Hence, to enhance the processes, organizations need to leverage the following recruiting software.

Application Tracking Software

The application tracking system (ATS) enables the HR personnel to store and manage the applicant profiles, schedule interviews, screen, and evaluate the prospective employees. It also facilitates effective collaboration and communication between the HR personnel and the workforce.

Recruitment Marketing Software

The recruitment marketing software empowers the organizations to form effective recruitment marketing strategies including branding, and social media recruiting. The HR departments can also utilize the software to create attractive career sites based on their brands and vacancy needs.

Candidate Relationship Management Software

One of the reasons obstructing HR departments from attracting top talent is the lack of effective communication with the prospective candidates. However, organizations can overcome the communication gap by employing the candidate relationship management software, which enables the HR personnel to interact with the current and future employees.

Candidate Sourcing Software

The candidate sourcing software aids the organizations in searching for qualified candidates. It will enable the recruiters to sort through thousands and millions of profiles and obtain details such as email addresses, resumes, and so on of active and passive candidates.

Video Interviewing Software

Organizations can leverage video interviewing software to conduct long-distance interviews of high-value candidates from all over the world. It facilitates quick and seamless interaction, without the drawbacks of the conventional communication channels.

Candidate Assessment and Testing Software

The candidate assessment and testing software enable recruiters to assess the general and technical knowledge, soft skills, and personal traits of the employees and test their viability for the open job positions.

Employee Referrals Software

Organizations can leverage the employee referral software to create and manage effective employee referral campaigns. It also enables current employees to refer suitable candidates for relevant vacancies in the organizations.

Background Testing Software

Instead of letting the HR department invest their time in conducting comprehensive background assessment, organizations can leverage the background check software to perform reliable background evaluations of the candidates before selecting them. 

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