The Smartest Open Source LMS Tools that are for Free!

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, May 04, 2021

Free LMS software helps save money on IT, but it will also allow to experiment with software features and customise it to one’s specific needs.

Fremont, CA: The traditions of employee training being exclusive to classroom sessions are lost forever. Users can transfer the entire corporate training process online with a learning management system (LMS), from designing courses to monitoring progress. The app also allows companies to include digital content and interactive features in their classes, making employee training more enjoyable and engaging.

There will be hundreds of LMS resources on the market, but there are far fewer choices if someone is looking for free software. Free LMS software will not only help save money on IT, but it will also allow to experiment with software features and customise it to one’s specific needs.

However, let’s see a list of the top free and open source LMS platforms to make ones quest easier. All of the tools have a free standalone module that can update if one needs more functionality.

ATutor is an open-source learning management system (LMS) that enables users to create online learning courses in more than 30 languages. The learning materials also can be accessed and saved. ATutor's content authoring, test authoring, and content interoperability capabilities are also available in AContent, a standalone application.

Forma LMS

Forma LMS is a learning management standard tool exclusively for corporate online learning. It offers online webinars, live lectures, conscience courses, and instructional training sessions to help train employees. It allows one to conveniently delegate courses and access privileges to workers depending on their positions and divisions.

Forma LMS is accessible. However, if you want to have access to the most recent version (and all of its features), you can join the forma.association for a regular fee.

Odoo is an open source business technology suite that can also be customizable. Odoo eLearning is an e-learning platform that enables users to create online courses and learning materials. It also includes understanding track of ones employees' progress, assess their results, and distribute certificates upon course completion.

Its advanced monitoring feature allows one to see employee output in real time.It also helps in optimizing employee data using maps, graphs, and other graphics.

Open edX

Open edX is a learning management system (LMS) that helps you develop a variety of online courses, including instructor-led, blended learning, and self-paced. It allows ones employees to access training material, take notes, bookmark relevant lessons, engage in peer discussions, and monitor their progress. It allows users to reuse content from the content library through several courses.

Moodle is an open source learning management system (LMS) that can be used by both businesses and educational institutions. It helps in building online courses and learning materials for a variety of programmes, including compliance training, professional creation training, and onboarding new employees. Its open source code helps reader to tailor the programme to certain specific business requirements. One can customise the logo and colour palette.

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