The Significance of Multi-Interface HR Applications

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, June 28, 2019

HR ApplicationsThe increase in HR functions over the years has necessitated the integration of multi-interface HR applications to streamline the HR processes.

FREMONT, CA: There was a time when business communications depended on multiple faxes, and the quickest mode of information exchange was email. However, the roles and duties of the HR department have increased over the years, and so has the need for effective multi-interface communication to facilitate seamless interaction with the current and prospective employees.

The integration of multi-interface communication channels has enabled seamless communication between users. The multi-interface applications are not only leveraged for primary HR functions such as hiring, but also in secondary tasks such as leave applications and interviews. The wave of HR oriented technology includes project management and customer service tools such as Trello, Basecamp, Intercom, Zendesk, and so on.


Slack is a mobile application designed to facilitate effective communication within the organization. It can be installed on phones and can be used by employees irrespective of their location.  The guided user experience allows the users to navigate the sophisticated features of the application, thus facilitating enhanced interaction between the HR department and the employees. Several applications such as Lever are integrating the hiring features into Slack, allowing a seamless hiring process without the need for switching applications.


Calendars have emerged as the necessary components of HR functions. Almost every HR decision has to be made only after referring to the workflow schedule. However, the increase in the tasks of the HR department has necessitated the use of powerful calendar APIs rather than read-only ICS feeds. It will enable organizations to track the time and attendance of the employees. It can also streamline leave management, allowing employees to plan time off in advance.

Over the years, the focus of organizations has shifted from the HR departments toward the employees themselves. The integration of employee calendars with the recruitment platforms has enabled the organizations to maintain connected schedules and notify the hiring and managers and candidates regarding the interview time.

Chat systems and calendars offer natural user experiences. Employees can leverage the diverse functionalities of the timing and chat applications to streamline their HR processes, including leave booking. It enables the managers to grant authorization without having to check the schedule manually. It also allows the HR teams to track performance management meetings and effectively respond to the changes.

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