The Role of Data Analytics in Identifying Top Performers

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Data analytics intelligently determines who successful employees are, and how their traits can be leveraged to maximize the company’s performance output..

Fremont, CA: The right use of data analytics can help HR teams to decide where new team members are needed and which candidates are best suited for a particular job, where resources can be better allocated, and consider the direction and strategy of the business. Data analytics intelligently determines who these employees are, that will help set apart a successful business from an unsuccessful one.

By using metrics on attendance, engagement, and performance of employees, individuals can not only be recognized but also mirrored, ensuring all employees are happy and productive in their roles.

Recognizing Top Performers

Incorporating data analytics in a company will not only help identify existing top performers but also potential top performers. Organizations can identify the areas employees may need to develop their skills or traits, thus ensuring that they are fully supported to go from being a potential top performer to an actual top performer. This applies to disengaged employees as well. The organization will gain a better understanding of the circumstances or factors which may be contributing to the employee’s current lack of engagement.

By looking into these areas, it will not only help to improve the working life of the employee but also identify if there is untapped potential for the employee to become a top performer.

Identifying Top Performers in Recruitment Process

Information collected from the characteristics and skills of top-performing employees are beneficial when deciding if a new recruit would be a good fit for the company. Additionally, organizations must also look at employees who are resigning and evaluate if they have qualities that should be avoided or replicated in the list of candidates who are being considered. Hence, the secret to copying the success of current top performers relies on data.

Retaining Top Performers

Recognizing top performers and understanding the uses of their characteristics within the recruitment process is essential. But organizations should also assess how these top-performing employees can be retained as well. Organizations and HR teams need to start with employees who have been with the company the longest or what has made them stay or if they have a great relationship with their manager etc., to identify what attracts an employee to remain in an organization.

With the proper utilization of HR analytics, organizations can create a workforce that is motivated, engaged, and dedicated to seeing its growth and success.

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