The Rise Of Cloud-Based Hr Solutions

HR Tech Outlook | Friday, April 23, 2021

Technologies and software built to help HR professionals in their day-to-day activities are in abundance today. Among them, cloud computing has quickly become one of the top attention-grabbing technologies for HR leaders. Cloud-based HR solution providers are continually developing their modules and coming up with innovative ideas. One of the benefits of these technologies is that data can be turned into actionable insights into the workforce. Cloud solutions offer an organization to focus on continuous development. The instantaneous speed to value gains is tremendous and is transforming technology into a competitive differentiator.


Prior to cloud-based HR solutions, HR professionals used to handle core HR processes such as performance management, offline, or on an internal platform. Since the advent of cloud-based applications, HR professionals have seen a rise in work rate and efficiency, thanks to the automation of many data-heavy processes. Some of these processes include timesheet submission, performance reviews, and vacation requests. Cloud computing enables HR managers to focus on the bigger picture, without having to worry about smaller, day to day tasks.

Data Security

Cloud-based HR tools help maintain all the data securely in one centralized location, which can be accessed anytime. By default, the technology is developed with security as part of its overall makeup. These cloud-based solutions are highly secure as it allows HR managers to control who has access to what data. Cloud-based HR solutions ensure that the data stored is protected and is available even during periods of an emergency such as a fire breakout. A mobile device or computer with internet connectivity is all that is required to access the data.

Efficiency and Innovation

The cloud enables employees to share ideas within the community, pretty much like an email chain or Slack thread. This is applicable across all levels of the workforce, from an entry-level worker to the CEO of the company. With more and more employees migrating and successfully navigating the cloud, workers are not only engaging with one another, but with the company more openly and honestly

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