The Advantages of Recruitment Process Outsourcing

HR Tech Outlook | Saturday, December 26, 2020

The RPO provider works with the company to develop and deliver a personalized approach to their talent management needs, including enhancing or replacing the need for internal recruitment services.

Fremont, CA: Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a type of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) where all or part of an organization's internal talent management process is outsourced to a third-party vendor for a negotiated period in an attempt to maximize recruitment ability and effectiveness.

As a true extension of the Talent Management Team, the RPO provider can hire for any/all roles across the organization, utilizing economies of scale instead of conventional recruiting or recruitment companies that only recruit within their niche, usually for a limited number of vacancies. RPO teams are subject matter specialists in talent management, have a repeatable analytical approach to recruiting methods, and invest extensively in analytics to drive business ahead.

Here are four advantages of RPO:

Low Recruitment Costs: RPO can produce "quick wins" with lower costs per hire but focuses on a larger picture of long-term value-added instead of stopping after the final targets have been met. Also, the RPO model reduces the financial burden on the client by using a risk-sharing solution.

Higher Access to Top Talent in the Market: Applicants are not only actively applying to the positions of RPO providers on behalf of their employers, but several passive workers are approached by RPO recruiters using advanced sourcing methods.

Encourage Employment Brand: Applicants are overwhelmed with work notices, recruiter calls, and sometimes several jobs offer at once. This talent-driven market makes it possible for applicants to be more selective about how they work and require more than just competitive pay. The RPO can drive a clear, consistent message and create a value proposition. Candidate experience is one of the most underrated yet mission-critical elements of recruitment.

Scalability within Recruitment Efforts: If you recruit an onslaught of workers to handle seasonal peaks, open new offices, or freeze recruiting, an RPO partner will scale up and down to suit your needs. RPO partners are the perfect option for fast-growing businesses that need to expand their recruitment department to meet their growth potential.

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