The Advantages and Disadvantages of Employee Monitoring

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, November 19, 2020

When employees are being monitored in the workplace, they start working better, and their ultimate output increases as well

Fremont, CA: Employee monitoring indicates keeping a close watch on the employees through the latest technology devices so that their activities such as using internet, calls, and messages can be monitored. Usually, it is done as most of the companies have policies to monitor their workers. Though employee monitoring may have many advantages, demerits are also there.

Let us look at some advantages and disadvantages of employee monitoring: Top 10 Assessment Solution Companies - 2020

Pros of Employee Monitoring

Employee Performance

Every company has a system of monitoring employee performance when it comes to giving rewards and increments to their employees. Monitoring employees through proper technological tools is better and provides a fair analysis of employees' activities throughout the year or a particular period of time.

Increased Employee Productivity

When employees are being monitored in the workplace, they start working better, and their ultimate output increases as well. Consequently, many companies have employee monitoring system to boost the productivity of their workforce. Employees do not waste their time on irrelevant activities when they know that their actions are under supervision.

Whereabouts of the Employees

One of the key advantages of employee monitoring is that it allows companies to maintain better control over the staff. Moreover, keeping an eye over the workers may also prevent theft or unwanted mishaps.

Cons of Employee Monitoring

Reduced Trust Level

Monitoring the activities of employees can cast a negative impact on their trust level. If organizations monitor their employees with written consent, it will not break the trust level as it will do, when employees are being watched over without knowing.

Expensive Investment

Installing a complete monitoring system for employees can exhaust a company's budget. Most of the monitoring is done through very costly monitoring applications. The cheaper apps are inefficient and fail to deliver the desired results.

Increased Stress Level

Though employees may work better under surveillance, it can also backfire sometimes. Employees may feel overstressed and insecure due to constant monitoring over them. As a result, their productivity can be badly affected.

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