The 5 Technological Trends in Employee Recognition

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The digitalization of employee recognition has enabled organizations to evolve from their antiquated approaches and reach new levels of engagement.

FREMONT, CA – For many years, organizations have been using bulletin boards for employee recognition, posting employee of the month announcements. However, the rapid proliferation of technology in the workplace is transforming employee recognition, making it more interactive than ever. Vendors and practitioners alike are reinventing their processes to accommodate the evolving trends of employee rewards and recognition.

Here are the five technological trends in employee recognition:

Social Media

Organizations are leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to post employee appreciation on their pages. The approach not only makes the employees feel more appreciated, but it will also enable the employers to attract new talent by exhibiting their recognition driven work culture.

Mobile Applications

Employee recognition solution vendors are developing novel applications to enable employers to appreciate the accomplishments of the best performers. Platforms such as Kudos, iAppreciate, Achievers, and so on are designed to monitor the achievements of employees and celebrate crucial milestones through their respective channels of interaction. Many employee recognition platforms also offer virtual prizes, which can be redeemed for actual rewards.

Tech Incentives

Organizations across the world are encouraging employee health and wellness with fitness incentives. The employers reward the accomplishments of employees with rewards such as fitness trackers and health wearables to help them keep track of their health goals.


The gamification approach has enabled organizations to impart healthy competition in the workplace by setting goals, rules, and rewards based on actual sports, board games, and video games. The incorporation of gamification technology is enabling organizations to incentivize positive behavior in the employees.

Digital Learning

Organizations can reward employees showing initiative with opportunities to enhance their skill and knowledge. Organizations can reward the best performing employees by sponsoring robust certification programs, which will also enable employers to upskill and reskill their workforce and meet the demands of the digital age. Moreover, digital learning will allow employees to enjoy talent development opportunities without being disrupted from their work.

The implementation of robust employee recognition has enabled organizations to promote enhanced work culture, low attrition, and high engagement. By utilizing employee recognition technology, employers can transform and streamline the conventional processes, leading to better engagement and improved productivity.

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