Technology-at the betterment of HR industry

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, November 20, 2018

A suitable candidate is considered as an asset for an organization. The hardship leads to be more strategic for the HR (human resource) team of organizations because HRs’ role is to recruit not only an employee but also understand if the employee is an asset for the very organization and recruit accordingly.

Today technologies are making every industry evolving in an effort to become more efficient, profitable, and enjoyable for employees. The HR industry is searching for solutions to convert the industry into a more productive one with the help of technologies.

Following are some of the ways technologies are changing the HR industry:

Recruitment: For the HRs it is a long and exhausting process to find an ideal candidate. Technologies help in screening, ranking, and grading potential candidates. It provides recruiters having a shortlist of potential candidates.

Big data: Big data helps HRs to understand customers, target audience group, and communicate with prospective customers. Big data helps to gain insights about candidates and to make decisions powered by vital information. Big data enable HRs to identify emerging trends. Also, gives HRs a fact-based view of the current workforce. 

Social media: Today social media is considered as an important source to reach their HR goals. Social media helps HRs to keep up with the news, technologies, and trends. Many organizations are considering integrating applications with social media instead of developing corporate applications.

Mobile applications: HRs departments in organizations are going through the mobilization process. Organizations are adapting their HR systems as the workforce across various operations seeking access to applications through smartphones. 

Cloud: Cloud applications play a vital role in the HR industry. Functions of organizations demand fast and flexible IT frameworks. Cloud is redefining the frameworks and working processes of organizations. The competitiveness in the organizations on recruiting processes increases data of a number of candidates and pushes them to move the information to the cloud. Moving data to the cloud makes HRs’ functions more efficient as it lowers the manual works of HRs. 

By the virtue of technology, HR is playing a leadership role in the growth of organizations. As HRs continue in adopting the change with the help of technologies, the enterprise will become smarter and more productive.

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