Technology helps HR leaders to eliminate modern slavery

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, January 06, 2022

The main motive of a new mobile-first online platform is to put an end to modern slavery and replace broken and dangerous worker social practice mandate systems.


According to the solution's founder, a new mobile-first internet platform aims to eradicate modern slavery and replace broken and unsafe worker social practise accrediting systems.

Chris O’Reilly states that multiple HR departments can benefit from the advanced Ethical VOICE platform. He told Radio New Zealand’s Jesse Muligan that, there are wide varieties of worker exploitation, human rights issues, and aspects around being paid less than the minimum wage, slavery and trapping in particular employment of tasks related to visas.

Harjit Singh, a liquor store aristocrat was fined thousands of dollars for paying the employees less than minimum wage and Joseph Matamata, a horticulture contractor was pronounced guilty of human trafficking and slave trading in 2020. So far, New Zealand businesses relied on self-evaluations or supervised social practice audits to rip apart immoral practices. Self-evaluations, on the other hand, are inherently subjective, and social practice audits are vulnerable to manipulation because they only provide a snapshot of a company’s activity. In addition, O’Reilly said that besides its ineffectiveness this method is broken and vicious.

Ethical VOICE allows every worker to express the truth anonymously, giving excellent employers valuable data and insights. This feedback helps employers to improve their worker wellbeing and measure progress by plunging back into the tool, which is available at one’s convenience.

Lately, talking about HR role in tackling modern slavery O’ Reilly says that employers throughout APAC have been found guilty of not paying their employees adequately. HR leaders can see the impact of their efforts in the form of regular compliance audits and up-to-date systems. Employers across APAC have recently been accused of underpaying their employees, resulting in massive lawsuits and negative press. If they mismanage their internal payroll systems as an HR professional, they will end up costing their C-suite tens of thousands of dollars.To keep up with technology, new tools should be implemented to bridge the communication gap between employer and employee.

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