Technology Growth in HR: Latest Advancements

By HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, November 08, 2018

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have shaped a new outlook for several business functions that are creating revolutionary growth. With continuous change in business requirements and deliveries, the human resource departments have also started implementing AI applications in their day-to-day practices. HR managers can make use of it in many of their functions like recruitment, training, review performance, and salary. AI can analyzes employee data and provide valuable predictions and recommendations to the HR department for better decision-making process as well as for improving the productivity of the organization.

AI offers automated business processes, and it provides platforms for HR ticketing through shared service functions. This will improve the time of engagement by the HR managers with their partners and employees. Time and money are the two main factors that come as a challenge for the HR processes. AI can reduce the usage of time in doing the functions and activities and achieves it at a lesser cost.

Automation and human touch aren’t the same; it provides a different level of outcome and provides a different level of efficiency. When it comes to recruitment, the manual process becomes more time consuming and complex, and it shows lesser accuracy and efficiency.

Being a machine process, AI does not require any human touch in decision making. Thus, there is no chance for bias in AI applications in HR. AI actually processes data through an algorithm assessment platform with language that never provides the chance for bias. AI is best used when sourcing candidates. There are AI products that can help the HR team to make smarter decisions with high accuracy.

In the recruitment process, Applicant tracking systems (ATS) communicate with the candidates in each stage of the recruitment process. This will reduce the workload of a recruiter alleviating dozens of calls recruiters get and make. Getting administrative load is another critical challenge faced by the HR team in the past years. AI implementation can track all these works, reduce workload, analyze a massive amount of data in lesser time, and analyze the work progress.

Human resource management is the backbone of any organization for achieving better productivity and efficiency in workflows. Having a complex behavior, the integration of AI in the HR functions will make a bright future for it.

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