Technology can Promote Diversity in the Workplace!

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, June 21, 2019

Technology to promote diversityTechnologies such as virtual reality (VR) assist organizations in simulating scenarios on educating the employees about inappropriate behavior.

FREMONT, CA: Organizations across the world are taking steps to diversify their workforce. However, they have a long way to go before achieving a balance in gender as well as racial and ethnic diversity. Hence, the human resource (HR) departments are leaning toward HR technology to incorporate effective measures and improve diversity.

The integration of HR tech aims to introduce effective diversity training methods to establish an inclusive work environment. It will not only broaden the knowledge about minority groups and facilitate effective interaction but will also enhance employee experience. It can contribute toward encouraging a positive attitude, hiring, recognition, and career progression.

Workplace diversity training is aimed at developing cultural awareness, empathy, and inclusivity. Even though it cannot erase the inherent prejudices in people, it can help in deterring inappropriate behavior based on race, gender, and other differences. The workplace training program initiative includes recruit training, refresher training, and leadership training.

The new recruiter training encourages the HR personnel to discuss diversity with the candidates to help them integrate seamlessly into the workforce. The refresher training is conducted regularly to update the employees regarding the latest diversity policies, trends, and practices. On the other hand, the leadership training is designed to inculcate inclusivity and acceptance into potential leaders.

Establishing diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace can drive the return of investment (ROI). Diverse teams, apart from adding value to the organization, bring their unique skills and capabilities onto the table. To assist the HR teams, many tech enterprises have come up with the latest tech for workplace diversity training.

The inherent bias in people often impacts professional decisions, including hiring, collaboration, recognition, appraisal, and off-boarding. Also, it is a prominent challenge when it comes to workplace diversity training. In this regard, virtual reality (VR) can assist the organizations in simulating scenarios on educating the employees about inappropriate behavior.

The micro-learning approach is also designed to break complex concepts into simple segments for the easy understanding of the employees. It will enable the organizations to incorporate the content into the workflows and enable effective knowledge retention. The latest HR technologies are aimed at promoting empathy, understanding, and value-based judgment. 

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