Technological Trends Revamping the Employee Wellness Programs

By HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Employee Wellness Programs Intelligent personalization, internet-based life commitment, virtual health programs, and smarter analytics are transforming employee’s wellbeing.

FREMONT, CA- According to a MediKeeper’s report, four employee wellness programs are likely to be transformed in the upcoming years by intelligent personalization, social recognition, virtual wellness, and smarter analytics.

To enhance employee engagement and help build stronger employee wellness programs, it is important for the organization to keep upgrading their wellness offerings in the coming future. With the rise in healthcare costs, the companies paying attention to the key trends will have the greatest success in achieving their employees’ overall wellbeing.

Some of the wellness programs trends are: 

Intelligent Personalization

It allows organizations to settle on progressively informed decisions based on understanding risks and their causes and recognizing what is driving present and future expenses. Every individual is different; it only makes sense that everyone’s wellness portal experience should be distinct. In addition, business intelligence/data mining capabilities deliver the ability to utilize data captured within the portal thereby making the correct changes, sorting it and then merging with other data. The tasks performed within the organization's each population group stored in their administration portal will be the key to keep managing the population’s health.

Social Media Engagements

In the coming years, social media engagements will execute a large number of approaches to incorporate through social acknowledgement expecting to urge individuals to perform well. The engagement incorporates posting, sharing, remarking and other virtual cooperations workers that can help empower each other to achieve their objectives. These connections cultivate both a competitive and team-oriented atmosphere that urges individuals to perform to the best of their abilities.

Virtual Wellness Program

Instead of providing classroom programs, consider hosting virtual wellness programs that can be viewed at any time or any place. By making the wellness program available online, the ability to reach a broader audience and making immense impact within the entire working population is justified.

Smarter analytics

Analytics will also be a very helpful tool. These outcomes can be utilized to educate and better alter the shrewd personalization side of well-being program.

Continual advances in wellness technology mean the need to stay ahead of the trends and remain relevant in an increasingly competitive workplace environment.  

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