Tech Tools that will Ensure HR Compliance at Workplace

HR Tech Outlook | Thursday, October 22, 2020

To help HRs stay abreast of the compliance issues of their organizations, IT offers a plethora of software and tools that help maintain the compliance status. Software like HRIS and its' add-ons such as HRMS can help employers ease the process of HR compliance

FREMONT, CA: The core function of HRs is to comply with the ever-changing government regulations and how they impact the company's performance, one that HR professionals prefer to handle at pace and perfection so that attention can be given to more strategic initiatives. 

To imbibe value into the organization, the HR professionals need to cut down time spent on satisfying government regulations and dedicate more time working on change management programs. To successfully implement this idea, the HR personnel need to acknowledge the influence of information technology on the compliance efforts and sort through the myriad choices the IT offers to ease compliance efforts. 

Top 10 Compliance Consulting Firms - 2019Enterprise human resource information systems (HRIS) is one such solution that has function embedded and explicitly designed to fulfill the regulation related to specific compliance issues. The HRIS can help employers maintain updated compliance statuses and ease the work of HR professionals. 

Simplify Reports with Automation

The HRIS assists HR professionals to rapidly collect information they need to comply with regulations. This software is equipped with three significant solutions: a simple, standard report tool; an intuitive, user-friendly, graphical report tool; and a ready-to-use graphical reporting tool. 

The HRIS automates functions that HR professionals would have taken hours to track. For instance, the company would take max efforts to track employees who are eligible for the 401(K) program, whereas the software would track such details within minutes. The foundational value of the software lies in the ease of use, as HR professionals can come up with reports by merely defining the requirements and the use of a drag-and-drop function to select the necessary files for any report they intend to create. The HRIS does not require any specific programming skills. 

Compliance Add-Ons

Depending on its use cases in compliance maintenance, specific add-ons can be utilized in liaison with the HRIS. A Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) provides the HRIS, the ability to use the system in place and assist with the compliance activities. Even though the HRMS add-on was linked to the software primarily to make the best of time and attendance functions, the integrated software helps HRs comply as well.

The integrated version of the software enacts as an electronic version of the paper personnel system as it helps attain accurate data that is readily available. The systems also help HR professionals create comprehensive reports that help comply with the EEOC, Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) regulations.

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