Talview Launches App with Interview Intelligence on Microsoft Teams

HR Tech Outlook | Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Talview app for teams enables interviewers to access all the relevant information for a high-quality interview within the meeting itself rather than having to go back and forth between apps

FREMONT, CA: Talview, an award-winning video AI technology, announced the latest release of its app for Microsoft Teams enhanced with Interview Intelligence, a next generation breakthrough in remote hiring. Founded out of the Microsoft for Startups incubator, Talview has had a strong relationship with Microsoft since its inception in 2017. Since then, Talview has worked to achieve its mission of Instahiring, creating the fastest way to a happy hire.

Getting one step closer to achieving that mission and expanding access to great jobs, Talview announced an app for Microsoft Teams earlier this year. The app, available in the Teams app store, is designed to increase collaboration among hiring teams through improved scheduling and selection processes.

Sanjoe Jose, Talview's CEO, is thrilled to continue supporting the talent acquisition community. He says, "Talview's talent screening and interviewing platform enables organizations to screen, interview, and hire talent remotely. Utilizing the new meetings extensibility points, Talview's Teams app will enrich the hiring experience, with interviewers capturing candidate interview feedback within Teams, and transform hiring with AI driven interview intelligence."

They also announced enhancements to the app that can now be used within Team meetings. The Talview app for Teams enables interviewers to access all the relevant information for a high-quality interview within the meeting itself rather than go back and forth between apps. With this new and improved integration, interviewers will be able to:

• Access candidate information and details within Teams with just the click of a button.

• Receive interview guidance, and provide interview feedback directly within a Teams meeting interface.

• Send and collect candidate interview feedback directly in Teams.

• Enhance hiring team collaboration via chat to discuss a candidate before, during, and after an interview.

• Schedule and reschedule interviews from within Teams or Talview.

• All information will flow back and forth from Teams to Talview (and vice versa) with ease.

"With a new integration for Microsoft Teams from Talview, customers can take another step forward to help improve talent acquisition," said Mike Ammerlaan, Director, Microsoft 365 Ecosystem at Microsoft. "Talview builds on Teams' collaboration capabilities by providing increased efficiencies for enterprises and organizations worldwide as they grow and scale their businesses."

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