Sustainable Corporate Initiatives can Enhance Employee Engagement

HR Tech Outlook | Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Employees expect their organizations to engage them through sustainable product development and service delivery methods.

FREMONT, CA: According to the Human Capital Trends study by Deloitte, individuals have started looking up to organizations to behave in socially responsible ways, to contribute to society while maintaining their workers’ well-being in mind. The research has given insights into how organizations can guide to social enterprise—what they can do to make sure they are on the correct route to be recognized as a charitable company.

This commitment toward sustainable product development is one of the most significant drivers of employee engagement by their organizations. It fulfills, to some extent, the objective they expect to discover through their job when staff works for social enterprises. 

How can HR Help in Sustainable Development?

The HR approach does not necessarily include a corporate sustainability initiative. In reality, HR has been left out of sustainability initiatives discussions in the past. But times are changing, and in terms of speaking about these projects, HR needs to take ownership, make a compelling case for them, and then implement them. Sustainability programs should be part of the overall strategy instead of an environmental friendliness program initiated as a one-off, unplanned instance. Such projects only succeed when integrated into the culture of the business. They cannot be regarded as opt-in programs.

Small attempts such as email or chat reminders to recycle a plastic bottle or walk instead of taking the vehicle every day can make a positive contribution to the setting and assist staff feels right about being part of a more significant cause in their workplace.

Important Key Points for HR

If staff feel engaged and part of a more significant cause through their workplace, they are likely to raise their level of commitment. It's not going to feel like a chore. Instead, it'll feel like a responsible action they’re going to take even outside the organization. It will enhance the workplace satisfaction of employees. While we cannot assume that all employees can find purpose in their work by working for organizations implementing corporate sustainability initiatives, it is safe to say that they are more likely to recognize the efforts of their employers, and this can help them decide, to some extent, whether or not they want to remain in the job.

Furthermore, staffs that are proud of their organization are more likely to share the excellent job they do online. And this can place your organization as a choice employer. This implies that you can engage prospective applicants before interacting with them. This is a huge advantage of taking part in a sustainability project.

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