Strategies to Ensure Better Employee Engagement for Optimum Productivity

By HR Tech Outlook | Friday, November 30, 2018

Employee engagement plays a major role in ensuring better productivity for an organization. If an employee is emotionally invested in his work, it will mean an increased performance, and thus achieving their employer’s goals and objectives. Disengaged employees can hamper a company’s growth, as they will create a negative impact on the team. According to a report from Gallup, only 33 percent of U.S. workforce is engaged enough to ensure profitability for their organization. Thus organizations need to keep motivating and encouraging employees to engage themselves.

Here are a few steps by which employee engagement can be ensured:

Work-Life Balance: Poor work-life balance can burn out employees. Organizations should set realistic targets so that employees don’t get complacent. It will also help employees to sleep properly, spend time with their family. A happier mind can ensure employee productivity.

Providing Incentives and perks: Economic incentives can go a long way if an organization is looking for sudden productivity boosts. Although it cannot be a permanent solution as monetary incentives won’t add to the cultural productivity. Perks, on the other hand, leave a greater impact. According to a survey, employees prefer perks over monetary compensation. Tech giants like Google and Facebook have come a long way in providing job satisfaction. They provide nap pods, massage rooms and many other complimentary perks.

Meditation: recent Research has shown that meditation helps a person to achieve mental peace. In this fast-paced life, meditation helps a person’s mind to slow down. Organizations should conduct meditation sessions to make sure that employees are in the right frame of mind.

Communication: Communication between management and employees go hand in hand with ensuring productivity. If the management openly communicates goals and targets for an employee, it will prove helpful in achieving those targets. Also, a healthy communication will help in engaging employees to make a potent workforce.

Social activities: Social activities outside of work can help in forging a friendship between employees. This will help in immensely in employee engagement.

Organizations have started acknowledging that employee engagement will help in better productivity. Many companies have started ensuring that employees have the best care. But still, it has not reached to grass root levels.

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